Scammer Miss Cleo 

Fraudster Miss Cleo 


Name: Miss Cleo
Other Name: Cleomili Harris, Youree Perris
Born: 1962
whether Dead or Alive: 2016
Age: 53
Country: Los Angeles, California, US
Occupation: Television personality
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Charges:
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Penalty:
Known For: Phone/TV psychic

Description :

Miss Cleo

Miss Cleo is a fictional personality portrayed by Youree Dell Harris who has committed some scams and frauds during her life. Harris committed her first fraud in the year 1996. She scammed her fellow theatre actors by not paying the payment for their roles; she told them that she had bone cancer and will pay them after she compensated for her medical bills. It is a smooth fraud as she left the town without paying them anything. In 1997, she joined Psychic Readers network and took up the role of Miss Cleo.

“She conducted a show to scam the viewers by saying that she is a Jamaican shaman. She defrauded them by saying that the calls were free of cost, but it wasn't. Later, the network channel is indicted for fraud but Harris was left out”. She then changed her career and lived well till she died.

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