Scammer Arthur Orton 

Fraudster Arthur Orton 


Name: Arthur Orton
Other Name: Thomas Castro
Born: 1834
whether Dead or Alive: 1898
Age: 64
Country: London, England
Occupation: Butcher
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Charges:
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Penalty:
Known For: Tichborne Case

Description :

Arthur Orton

Arthur Orton is a butcher from 1850s who claimed himself as the son of a wealthy British woman.During the year 1856, a newspaper had a tragic news about a mother who lost her son on a ship sink and the possibility of him being alive somewhere; it caught the eyes of Arthur Orton who posed himself as Roger Tichborne, the lost son of the British woman and started his journey to the Tichborne estate to meet Lady Tichborne.

He scammed the estate workers and the Lady with his mannerisms and information about Roger which he collected from his various connections. His fraud act was successful and Lady Tichborne accepted him as her son by seeing his mannerisms and resemblance matching the real Roger Tichborne. While Arthur was enjoying his stay at the wealthy estate, the troubled relations of Tichborne raised an issue about Arthur being an imposter in the court. After a long trial, Arthur was declared a fraudster and an imposter, and was sentenced to 14 years of jail. He was later released in the year 1895 and died of poverty in the year 1898.

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