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Scammer Andriy Slyusarchuk 

Fraudster Andriy Slyusarchuk 


Name: Andriy Slyusarchuk
Other Name:
Born: 1971
whether Dead or Alive:
Age: 50
Country: Soviet Union
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Charges: Forgery, illegal medical activity, murder, fraud
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Penalty: 8 years in prison
Known For: Establishing the National Institute of the Brain,Mnemonic ability,Illegal medical activity (including brain surgery)

Description :

Andriy Slyusarchuk

Andriy Slyusarchuk is a Ukrainian fraudster who defrauded two Ukrainian presidents. “He scammed the whole nation by claiming himself as a certified brain doctor, professor and a mnemonist who can remember 30 values of pi; and hence was called as 'Doctor Pi'”.

He was later caught due to the confession of his accomplice who wrote articles about Andriy Slyusarchuk in media. His certificates are then analyzed and were found fraud. “During the court trial, he was made to undergo medical examinations, in which he was accused of psychiatric disorders and was sentenced to eight years in prison for his scams, and for the murder of two patients during his illegal medical practices.”

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