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Racing Tipster Scams

Racing Tipster Scams

Internet and mails have become the hubs for legal and illegal activities. Though millions of transactions are taking place legally in these platforms certain illegal activities like scamming and phishing also happens regularly. It is imperative to note that the public at large have lost billions of dollars to these scammers those who are operating from different destinations of the world. Though concerned authorities have solved several mysteries still the scamming activities are happening briskly on the internet and mails. These crooks and criminals send mails or call

Beware of Racing Tipster Scams
the public over the phone and extract lots of information from them. Though many target groups escape from them, few fall prey to their phony calls immediately. Scams related to racing tips are becoming very popular and several people have received these types of mails for the past several months. Scammers compile the data of the people those who regularly watch horse racing and send mails to them stating that they are providing useful tips on horse racing and they are also having prediction software at lowest possible price that will predict the winner correctly. Wordings in the mail will look very official and trustworthy. They will state that they have correctly predicted the winners in the past and send an attachment that will provide the details of the horses that have won in the past.

Scams related to horse racing systems is also becoming popular these days. Scammer will send a letter or mail stating that "professional gambler has got information that he knows which horse is going to win in the upcoming horse racing event and for letting this information to the public he needs huge ransom amount". The letter and audio file will look genuine and honest and the commoners will believe the words of the scammers and deposit or wire the money to the scammer immediately. They will realize that scammers have cheated them only when they do not get reply from them. Scams related to racing tipsters are also making the rounds in many parts of the world. In these types of scams the scammers will act as experienced punters and racing specialists and cheat the money of the innocent people. Though there are lots of racing enthusiasts those who offer best horse tipping service there are also scammers those who cheat the public by providing fraudulent tipping services. People should exercise maximum caution when they are dealing with strangers and third parties. Horse racing enthusiasts who visit the stadium regularly should be careful when they receive scamming mails stating that "we are professional racing analysts for the past several years and will provide genuine and honest software and a book that will have useful tips on horse racing and it will also predict the future winners correctly".

Racing tipster scams involve individuals or groups promising foolproof horse racing predictions in exchange for fees. Beware of tipsters guaranteeing wins, using high-pressure tactics, or lacking transparency about their track record. Legitimate tipsters offer trial periods and disclose past performance data. Be cautious if fees increase unexpectedly or if the tipster operates anonymously. Unrealistic promises of high profits with low risk are red flags. Verify the tipster's identity, check online reviews, and ensure regulatory compliance. Trust your instincts; if something seems too good to be true, exercise caution. While legitimate tipsters exist, thorough research is essential to avoid falling victim to racing tipster scams.

Horse riding scam

Public should follow the below guidelines to stay away from the scammers:

  • Give a fitting reply that will put the scammers into extreme fear
  • Never share the personal and financial details to the strangers like pin, bank account number and passwords
  • Escalate the matter to the police or cyber cell
  • Do not build rapport with any strangers when they ask for personal information or banking details
  • Never accept any parcels which are from unknown destinations or countries
People should be very careful when they are dealing with others since the scams related to racing rivals and other email scams related to horse racing are increasing steadily.

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Fake promise by salesman

Racing tipster

Fake promise and gambling tips

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