Scammer George Psalmanazar 

Fraudster George Psalmanazar 


Name: George Psalmanazar
Other Name:
Born: 1679
whether Dead or Alive: 1763
Age: 0
Country: English
Occupation: Memoirist, imposter
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Charges:
Criminal / Fraud / Scam Penalty:
Known For: Formosa culture fake memoir

Description :

George Psalmanazar

George Psalmanazar is a fraudster and a literary forger from early 1700s. To have a comfortable and cozy travel from France to Rome he imposed himself as an Irish pilgrim by learning English and getting a passport as pilgrim. He was eventually caught during his journey. “He then took up the role of a citizen from Formosa and was transported to London by the Scottish soldiers in Netherlands”.

In London, the arrival of a citizen from Formosa with peculiar habits and religion made a buzz in the city thus raising the fame of George Psalmanazar to peak , it made the church head of London to meet him for the conversion to Anglicanism. He later published a book about the life and environment in Formosa which scammed it's readers. ‘He created his own language of Formosa and published it. Later his claims of being a Formosa citizen and their lives have been denied by the travelers who came from Formosa’.

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