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Work From Home Resume Writing Scams

Work From Home Resume Writing Scams

Resume writing scams:-

The work from home resume writing jobs is one of the most searched jobs in online by college students, content writers and professional online writers. As soon aswe search for work from home writing jobs, Google offers up thousands of results. Unfortunately, not all of these results are considered legitimate.


Nowadays, scam is present in every field, even if it is a low paid job;fraudsters are targeting job seekers more consciously. If a person is seeking a job, the first thing he prepares is a resume which speaks on behalf of him. The resume should be well structured and should possess basic information like age, skills, experience, etc. these are the basic elements of a resume butif you wants to put your resume to higher level, then it is essential to seek professional help.

You can get thousands of professional resume writers in online, but don't believethat everyone is professional or legitimate. Before you hire a resume writer, ensure that you don't fall victim to a scam. As mentioned earlier, if you do a Google search for a resume writer, obviously you will come across all kinds of sites, including fake and free links that might lead you to malware instead of a hopeful person you want to recruit. So,

  • Know Your Writer:

While hiring a resume writer, check his description and certification to know him better. This methodwill help you to verify whether the hired resume writer is legitimate or not. If a company promises you fast results or a one-step process, then it will not be legitimate. If the company or person really wants to provide you with a satisfying outcome, then the writer must look deep into your expectations and understand how to make your resume weight.


To do that, he will take an in-depth interview or a detailed questionnaire. If a writer or company doesn't ask any one of this, then it means you are talking to a fraudster or if a company or person refuses to offer you any guarantees, then don't think they are legitimate. If he is a genuine professional, then he shouldn't delay to give you some assurance. The standard practice for all writing companies might include a money-back option or free revision.

  • Read The Reviews:

Writing a good resume is not an easy job. To bring out the best structure and good reviews, the writer needs to match the client's expectations. It is true that a good resume always brings interest and leads to an interview. If you find the resume that doesn't match your expectations, you can also submit the resume for a rewrite.

But, if the resume writer assures you satisfaction, then you can take the fine print. Before you give work to your writer, don't forget to read customer reviews, and learn about the writer's credentials in order to verify the price you will be paying for his work.

  • Communicate with Your Writer:

Effective communication plays an important factor to consider before paying your writer. Without proper communication or understanding, you will never know the writer's capability and you may never able to disclose your requirements for your resume.Howwill the writer can able to create a good resume for you if you don't have a proper communication with the writer?


In today's scenario, many good quality resume writers do not provide customers with in-person visits. Instead of that, they schedule a phone consultation with the client or send a resume worksheet and ask to fill it in order to know the necessary information to write the resume. If the person you hired doesn't call you for consultation or fails to ask you about requirements, then how could you be able to trust him?

How to spot the work from home resume writing scams?

  • The content posted by the fraudster is barely coherently plastered with a writer's name. This is the reason why these sites are ranked first in Google search results.

  • The person's name and profile don't match with any company or website. And the company name provided by the fraudster doesn't have any social media pages like LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

  • work-from-home-scams

  • The fraudster always offers super-low pricing to impress more audiences. The fraudster description or websites have no clear-cut mechanism. Also, their web pages look wonky and unprofessional. It is pretty easy to see that these are not legit if you have come across a lot of legitimate sites.

Conduct an Interview:-

Interviewing the writer is very important in the process. As mentioned earlier, the person you hired is about to write your resume that gives value to your next career move. So, it is necessary to speak with your resume writer or a representative of the company. Here are some of the questions that you should follow while interviewing you a writer.

  • At very first, try to clarify the writer's previous work experience as a resume writer. And ask how many successful resumes he did for people in your industry.

  • Secondly, ask for sample resumes to make a clear judgment.

  • Ask him for past customers reviews on third-party sites.

  • To know more about him, you may also ask about his career path and how long he has been doing it.

You can easily come to a solution with the way the person is answering. If the person is not fine to answer these questions, then this is a tocsin the resume writer is hiding something and he is not legitimate. It would be a fine choice to avoid such kind persons in order to prevent a potential scam.


Actually, professional writers charge by the hour, so ask what the cost covers. Also, a good resume writer usually spends at least three to five hours understanding your requirements and crafting a resume. If the person is highly experienced and has a good sample but delivering work for low prices, then it is necessary to ask him the reason behind it and verify whether the person is legitimate or not.

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