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✔ Fake Offer Letters from Big Companies

If you are looking for a new or a part time job online, posting your resume everywhere. This will lead you to a scammer unintentionally. People are facing lots of job offer scams because of these silly mistakes. Even these silly mistakes also create a big problemin their life. For example, once you applied for a job online without knowing about the company or you have uploaded your resume on any websites or social sites, fraudsters will notice you and understand what you are looking for.

They target you to push into the scamming activity. The first step they do is, they may call you in the name of the big and well known company, once you have heard the company you get more excited and imagine about the work. With this imagination, you start to believe them without question. This is the way how fraudsters attract you. They will trap you slowly by making fake promises; the person who is not in control will definitely fall into their words and tumbles into a scam.

Once you accept the job offer, the fraudulent employer also sends you some fake information. The recruiter for some formality asks a few questions about the resume but they are not committed to provide you a job. They will tell you more inspiring and cheerful words to hire you for that role but they won't offer you a worthy job. After some time, they ask you a relocation fee, registration fee, or even an instalment bonus.

They also offer you a salary which would be way more than you expected. By hearing his word you feel that this is the perfect job for you.But, the fraudsters are smart. They don't give you any time to discuss or recheck their information. They proceed with the fast hiring process. Sometimes you might receive a call letter for the interview or an offer letter without applying for a job position,this should be a tocsin for you.

Some person feel more excited when they receive this offer letter from the name of a big company and they wish to attend their interview or accept the offer, this is again a warning for you. Unfortunately, their words will impress you a lot and will make you accept the offer. This makes you feel that you have acquired your dream job. Furthermore, the scammer offers you an immediate offer letter to work for the company combined with the fact that you will not able to contact the company;which is undoubtedly a scam.

✔ Flexible work with high pay

If the job offer mentions high income level for a lower position, this is a huge warning. For Example, a fresher should be provided with a minimum salary limit of 35,000 rupees per month. But the fraudsters will provide the fresher a job with 75,000 rupees per month salary, fraudsters will offer high jobs even for an entry-level, it is definitely a sign of a scam.

If you are receivingsuch information on the job portal, just go through the description of the company once again before applying. While there are many career opportunities available out there with many amazing working environment.

You may find jobs which provides you with flexible working hours and promotes a healthy work-life balance. Make sure if the job offer finds a little too flexible, it could be a huge warning alarm. The job offer with unusual high pay with an unconventional schedule could also be another sign of danger.

For instance, the fraudulent employer promises that you will only have to work only for two or three days per week and you can earn more income. If the recruiter confirms the salary with you before you send your resume, is a sign of a scam.

✔ Payments Before Pay checks

Still, there are many things you have to clarify before accepting the job offer. The company also requests payment from you to send you the offer letter. Be careful of any company or recruiter that requires a payment from you. If the company or an employer is truly legitimate, then they will never ask you for any payment. The job position can be anything and anywhere but you should not agree to pay for an interview or accept a job.

They may also tell you that you can get into your job in your favorite location after some waiting period. Now the candidates get so impressed and start imagining their dream city. These fake words corrupt the human mind and make them say okay. Some companies also ask candidates to sign contracts. They promise you to like for the first three months your income will be 15,000 rupees and after the provisioning period, your salary will be increased to 75,000rupees.

These words change the mind of the candidate to think about the lavish lifestyle. The candidates unexpectedly and unintentionally fall into their words and become eager to accept the offer. This is how the scammer works with candidates to theft money from them. If you feel that the job offer feels more than a little unprofessional, just go and research the company and make a clear decision. Finding out more about the company makes it easy to judge its originality.

✔ Avoid a fake check scam

In addition you should observe with a calm and sound mind and listen to their communication like their promises and questions,their job offer with contact details and other information about the company. If you find anything suspicious or you find the company's information is missing, go with an internet search and check the company website or email address.

After so many searches you still cannot find any basic information about the organization, like name, staff members, or other details, it is better to move on to your next opportunity.The scammer requests some confidential information like financial details before hiring.

When a company recruits new employees, it is required to submit the tax documents and bank information for a direct deposit but it is not required at the initial stage of the process. This information is mandatory to submit once you sign an employer's offer and start your job. Just quit the offer and proceed to the next step if a recruiter asks for any personal details like social security number or bank account number or any other personal or financial information.

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