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Scam's Lexicon

Vishing is the criminal practice of using Voice over IP (VoIP) to gain access to private personal and financial information from the public.

Voice Phishing

Voice Phishing is nothing but Vishing. Criminals use VOIP phones to gain access to bank or credit card information from public for financial benefit.

Vertical Spam

Spam consisting of large numbers of messages sent to a single newsgroup, either as a mistake from a newbie, or as deliberate attempt to drown out a newsgroup. Also know as Flooding.

Virus Mail

A mail containing a piece of software designed to make additional copies of itself and spreading from computer to computer typically without the users knowing. Viruses can be very harmful, but can also be used to garther information for use to spammers, i.e. email addresses etc.


(Value Added Tax)One among the many fees collected by scammer from the victim includes the VAT, which is real in some countries for financial transaction.


Scammers from the previous Soviet Union (Rare. They generally work with scams that have a loving point of view to them.)