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Scam's Lexicon

A cyberspace is a virtual public space which individuals can access regardless of physical location and can interact with. Typically they are places where individuals can meet, exchange ideas, share information, provide social support, conduct business, create artistic media, play simulation games, engage in political discussion, etc.


Term used by scammers for a valuable object which they promise to send to a victim that which does not exist in reality. For example: "Pay the $5,000 shipping fee to get the gold consignment of 900 bars directly to your address."

Catcher Account

Email account maintained by a baiter for attracting 419 scam emails.


A regulation that forbid dispatcher of unwanted viable email from by means of false or deceptive title information or illusory topic lines, and necessitate they recognize each email as an commercial, between other provisions.

Cashiers Check (or Chequered)

Check from the banks own account, allegedly the mainly safe type of check. Unluckily, these are extremely with no trouble forged. At all times verify all features of the check with the concern bank and with the owner of the account, previous to bearing in mind it to be legitimate.

Chat Room

The term given to a place or page in a website where people will be able to type letters which are demonstrated approximately right away on the screens of others who are in the ""chat room.""

Computer Fraud

Computers are being used expansively in monetary crimes, not just as a tool of the sin, but to "hack" into data bases to get back bank account information; store account information; replica microchips for mobile phones; and examine corporate checks, bonds and open to discussion instruments, that are afterward fake using desktop issue methods.


A brief wording file that a website can put on your computer's hard drive to gather information concerning your actions on the site or to permit additional potential on the site.

Counterfeit check

It seems similar to a genuine check; you can still ask your bank to confirm it, and they will say it's proper. However weeks later on, it bounces and you be obliged the bank and might countenance unlawful charges!

Credit report

A report holding comprehensive information about a person's acclaim history, as well as private recognizing details such as name, bankruptcies and late payments, credit accounts and loans, address and social security number, and recent inquiries.

Common Gateway Interface (CGI)

Common gateway interfaces are what permits web pages to be truthfully interactive and lively. They permit programs to sprint on a machine, and typically produce a number of exclusive outputs support to the browser.

Center for Democracy and Technology

In the midst of a lot of other things, the Center for Democracy and Technology did investigation to decide the basis of spam. They found that relocation your email address can obtain you spams, but that Munging your email address is extremely effectual.

Chain Mail

A letter requesting every receiver to send copy of the note to additional recipients. The most excellent and most maddening example are persons signifying that for each person you mail the letter to, a few amount of cash will be contributed to a children's hospital or to various investigation company.