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Scams Scam's Lexicon

Scam's Lexicon

What baiters use to refer to the scammers that they bait. The meaning of it is BIG FOOL.

Money Gram

Money transfer company used by scammers.Generally, baiters prefer to use (or prefer to pretend to use) MoneyGram over Western Union as the validity cannot be checked online.

Money Mule

(Check Mule) .A person whose account is being used for illegal fund transaction with or without his knowledge.


The person being tricked. (The mark of scammers are the VICTIMS and that of baiters are SCAMMERS).


(modality) - Used by baiters to describe the method of bait or battle-plan that is used against a scammer. (Among scammers "modality" is used to describe the type of scam they run.)


Educating the scammer with the wrong definition or meaning for a word in order to fool him.( Eg:convincing the scammer to believe the meaning of prick is endearment and that the synonym for fag is honest.

Mass Bait

The act of joining forces by a group of baiters to attack a single scammer which at times involve combining stories together in order to back each other up.


(money transfer control number) A 10 digit number given to customers at Western Union when they send money which is vital for online tracking of the money that was sent.


A scammer who has poor communication skill and who does not speak distinctly but stammers much to convey an message.

Money Transfer (Wire Transfer)

Technique of relocating cash from one individual to another. Scammers frequently ask for the payments to be done using a wire transmit service like Western Union and Money gram.

Monday and Tuesday Rush

It has been experiential that scammers are further expected to email and call on Mondays and Tuesdays. Most probably they are easily spread up on mail that has been supporting up on the weekend.