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Tard Typer

The scammer's whose writing skills are very poor.


(The Western Union Real Payment)A scam baiting method, in which the scammer is given a false impression that the baiter had sent the requested amount but requires only one field to draw the amount for which the scammer is ready to fulfil the request posted by the baiter.(Eg: First the baiter visits to Western Union and sends himself just $1.00 (doing so will costs about $14.00 in fees)after which he sends the scammer the MTCN and control numbers, but intentionally neglects to send the Question and the Answer. The scammer can use the MTCN to confirm that real money was actually sent, but the amount is not disclosed without the Question and Answer which makes the scammer unable to draw the amount so by then the scammer is much more likely to do what the baiter asks of him to get the Question and Answer.The one who uses this method should remember to give Western Union false information and not use your real name and address. WU does not care if you use the persons real identity - they only check the ID of people receiving the money, not the people who send it. A TWURP will be in the system for up to two years.


After getting the TWURP payment the baiter sends the scammer the question and answer required to get the money.When the scammer finds no amount and questions the baiter,the baiter then can claim that some other scammer got to the money first.Thus the scammer is fooled by baiter but tha scammer thinks he has been "Dolla-chopped" and remains in an illusion that the baiter is still a real victim.


A male scammer who potrays himself as female to the victim.


Proof in the form of emails,phone recordings,photos that which can be showed by baiter to scammer of how he was baited successfully.


The box which is found to contain valuable things (virtually) as depicted by scammer to tempt the victim.

Transfer Burn

Situations in which the baiter has tricked the scammer to travel unnecessarily to the MoneyGram office or bank to cash a non-existent money transfer.


Penetrating for something online with wicked or unpleasant purpose. Scammers troll the Internet for sufferers. Man hobgoblin websites for porn.

Training a Pet

Refers to a baiter masterfully influencing a scammer into ""hopping through hoops"" for him.