Scammer Champ border collie home 

Pet Scammer Bordercollie Puppy  


Title Name: Champ border collie home
Main Breed: Bordercollie Puppy
Phone No: 0
Address: Nill
Breed Varieties:

Description :

Champ border collie home scammer are advertising puppys for sale online. They use stolen credit cards and invent identities to defraud people shopping for a bordercollie puppy online.
In the first email, the scammer will ask all the right questions, putting you through the motions to prove your suitability: how would we care for our puppy, how would we train him, how often would he be alone?Then the fraudsters emails will get shorter and normally keep to sms messages. This is because the first email is a template where as you are now dealing with the actual scammer.

The ?Scam Breeder? will ignore any questions about their affiliation with any clubs or organisations, and questions about the puppy?s parents. The main focus now is convincing you to pay as soon as possible. The puppy will be shipped to you by the scammers perferred delivery company. There is no other option. If you insist on picking up your new bordercollie they will eventually agree. It makes no difference to them if you travel for 4 hours because they are not at the address they claim to will claim to deliver the puppy using a Fraudulent Delivery company which is actually another scam website they set up in order to steal your money by charging for non existent delivery, a air conditioned travel crate, medical insurance for your puppy as well as multiple other fees.To see more scam websites involving bordercollie puppys have a look at Bordercollie Puppy Scams.

Champbordercolliehome is an online business that specializes in selling purebred Border Collies. The company claims to be a legitimate seller of purebred dogs, however, many people have reported that this is a scam. The company claims to be based in the United States but is actually located in Romania. Furthermore, they claim to have a 100% money back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with their purchase, but this guarantee is not honored. Once a customer pays for a puppy they never receive it, or they are sent a sickly or unhealthy animal. Customers have reported that they have been scammed by this company due to the fact that they are not legitimate and their dogs are not healthy. The company does not provide any proof of health testing or certification and the puppies they sell may not even be purebred Border Collies. Furthermore, some customers have reported that the company does not provide any information about the breeders or the breeders' kennels.

In addition, the company does not provide any contact information or a physical address. This makes it difficult for customers to get in touch with the company if there are any issues with their purchase. Furthermore, the company does not provide any evidence of registration with the American Kennel Club or any other kennel association.

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