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Scammer Affordable chowchow pups 

Pet Scammer Chowchow Puppy 


Title Name: Affordable chowchow pups
Main Breed: Chowchow Puppy
Phone No: 0
Address: Nill
Breed Varieties:

Description :

Affordable chowchow pups scammer is not a puppy breeders website and this is not a review of This is a warning.They claims to sell puppys but the domain was actually created by criminals in order to defraud people wanting to buy a chowchow.Once you express interest in buying one of the puppys the scammer will send you a template email telling you a lot of details about the puppy as well as information on the best puppy food to use, and how you should take care of your new puppy.They will even send you ?proof? by showing you pictures they have stolen off the internet of will claim to deliver the puppy using a Fraudulent Delivery company.The ?delivery company? is actually another scam website they set up in order to steal your money by charging for non existent delivery, an air conditioned travel crate, medical insurance for your puppy as well as multiple other fees.

Affordablechowchowpups is an online pet store that has been known to be a scam. The website claims to provide customers with high-quality Chow Chow puppies for an incredibly low price. However, upon further investigation, it appears that Affordablechowchowpups is actually a scam.Customers who have purchased puppies from Affordablechowchowpups have reported that the puppies were not as advertised, and were of poor quality. Some customers have reported that the puppies they received were sick, malnourished, and even unvaccinated. These reports suggest that the puppies were not sourced from a reputable breeder and are likely the result of puppy mills or backyard breeders.

In addition, customers have reported that they have not been able to get a refund after returning the puppies to Affordablechowchowpups. This is a common complaint with scams and suggests that Affordablechowchowpups is not a legitimate business.Furthermore, it appears that Affordablechowchowpups is not a registered business. There is no physical address listed for the company, and the website does not provide any information about the owners or how to contact them. This suggests that the company is not a legitimate business.

Finally, Affordablechowchowpups is not a registered pet store with the American Kennel Club, which is a sign of a scam. The AKC requires breeders to adhere to strict standards and regulations in order to be approved. Therefore, it is likely that Affordablechowchowpups is not a legitimate business.In conclusion, Affordablechowchowpups appears to be a scam. Customers have reported receiving poor-quality puppies and have not been able to obtain a refund after returning them. Furthermore, Affordablechowchowpups is not a registered business and is not approved by the American Kennel Club. For these reasons, it is advised to steer clear of Affordablechowchowpups and look for a more reliable source for purchasing puppies.

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