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Individual Scams

Insurance companies come forward to settle the claim amount whenever the insured is getting admitted in the hospital due to sickness or illness. Insurance is a wonderful arrangement wherein the insurance company will provide compensation to the victim whenever he falls sick due to various reasons. But scammers those who operate from distant land often pose themselves as agents or intermediaries and try to extract money from the target group. They will pose themselves as government intermediaries those who are offering government insurance schemes at lowest premium and request the target group to pay a small amount as premium for processing their policy. Whenever the individuals pay the amount they will not send policies but will abscond with their money.
Fraud is a crime

Scams related to Medicaid and health insurance is becoming extremely popular throughout the country and many innocent people have lost their hard earned money to the fraudsters those who pose as middlemen. Medicaid is a state-administered medical insurance arrangement wherein the federal, county and state provides medical assistance to the people living in low-income or below the poverty line group. Scams that are related to individual insurance is also becoming very famous throughout the world and the individuals should show maximum caution while opening the mails or conversing with the third person. Scammers will create fake policy and try to canvass business through the mails. They will target the innocent people and runaway with the money when the commoners deposit the money. They will frame sentences such as "We provide you world class health insurance policy at affordable premium, no health checkup and guaranteed acceptance". It will mesmerize the common men. They will also send terms and conditions of the policy along with the mail. Individuals throughout the country have lost thousands of dollars to these types of professional scammers those who sell fake health insurance policy.
Individual scam

Scams related to health insurance are increasing day-by-day and the scammers use different types of tactics to fool the individuals. Commoners can protect their money from laundering when they follow these guidelines:
  • Perform background verification check and find out whether the sender of the mail is working as a licensing intermediary or agent for the insurance company.
  • Do not believe when the mails state that the premium is very low since these are only tactics that are played by the scammers.
  • Cross check with the state government and insurance company if such policies are there or not. Clarify it with the concerned insurance company immediately after receiving such mails.
  • Never share credit card numbers, bank account number, password and PIN to the third parties.
  • Never pick unsolicited calls from the foreign countries. Jot down the phone numbers of the scammers.
  • Never interact with the scammers or reply to their mails since they will request the mail recipient to make deposit.
  • Escalate the scams to the Federal government or cyber cells.
Scam alert

Never pick unsolicited calls

Never interact with the scammers

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