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Door Step Scams

Compiled data from various sources like revenue, governmental and cyber crime authorities' reveals some startling facts about the atrocities created by the scammers those who are operating from many different countries. Authorities concerned are watching these criminal activities of the scammers without any concrete solutions since the perpetrators use legal methods to siphon-off the money. Though the prominent authorities take various actions to control these activities the menace is only increasing day-by-day. Dangers are in the offing since these cyber criminals will come

Beware of Door Step Service
out with lots and lots of mind blowing strategies and tactics to swindle the innocent people's money. Scams related to doorstep selling are becoming a menace where the authorities are scratching their heads to put an end to these activities. Hundreds of innocent people have fallen prey to these types of scams. In the recent past a famous finance journalist who works for a leading publication division lost several pounds to a scammer who posed himself as a jobless person. Scammer entered into the house of the journalist in the middle of the cold night and knocked at the door.
Door step scam

Door step scam
Innocent journalist opened the door and found a merchandiser standing with bag full of saleable items. Though the journalist shoved him away the merchandiser was not ready to leave the premises and told that he was on Government scheme and was compelled to sell at least few products for earning commission. Journalist believed his words and purchased the goods. On the next day, the journalist explored many websites and found the he has paid more than the actual costs for the products purchased by him. Even the well-educated and informed public has lost their valuable money to the scammers in the past few years. Door steps fraud related to insulation is also making the rounds throughout the world. Recently an ordinary door-seller posed himself as a government official and knocked the doors of the several innocent people during the date time. When they opened their doors he informed the innocent people that the government is offering insulation grant for the people and they have to pay the amount immediately for the insulation. Some of the people intelligently escaped from the scammer and few paid the amount innocently without verifying the credentials of the person. If they had requested for an explanation about the grant the scammer would have stumbled for an answer. But they paid without asking any questions and lost the money to this guy. Some of the scams that have happened recently or currently are extremely shocking. Scams related to door steps can be extremely distressing and disturbing. But these types of scams are growing leaps and bounds over the years. Scammers and fraudsters have entered the house of many people in the disguise of tradesman and looted thousands of dollars from them. They will enter the house of the common people posing themselves as salesmen, government officials, tradesmen, repairers, refugees, freed prisoners, end-stage patients and vendors. They will converse with the people politely and innocently and swindle their money quickly. Scams related to credit card, delivery scams are also making rounds. Public should follow the following guidelines before encouraging the visitors
  • Ask for complete credentials such as employee id card, company's letter head, address of the company, contact numbers and other such important things.
  • Never allow the strangers or third parties inside the house
  • Never part the money immediately and decide to part only after complete back ground check and other necessary official formalities. If the people finds any doubt during the verification never park the money
  • Never provide the social security numbers, financial details, pin number, password and other such personal information to any strangers or scammers.
Door step scam

Door step fraud

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