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Employee Theft At Bars And Restaurant

What is employee theft at bar and restaurant?

Employee Theft at Bars and Restaurant refers to the employees who work in a restaurant and robs the supplies without the knowledge of the manager or owner. In many bars and restaurants, employees steal from their liquor and other supplies without their notice.


In Bars, the bartender soften serve their own bottles of liquor and serve drinks to the customers instead of using the liquors which are produced or supplied by the bar. By doing so they earn a lot in their pockets and the bar's inventory remains diminishing. Here are some of the common thefts that happen in Bars and Restaurants.

Underwriting Theft

A common trick of employee theft, the employees serves drinks as per the restaurant's menu price. The customer pays as per the menu price but the employee wrongly enters the amount and skims the money from the cash book or petty cash book of the restaurant. Let's say, a customer has ordered a drink worth $85 and pays for the drink of course. Here the employee plays the devil.


Instead of entering $85 in the cash book he enters $8.5 in the cash book causing an unhappy balance in the cash book and a happy $76.5 in the cash book of his pocket. But in the case of credit card and online payments, the things are little different. The customers comes and orders at the restaurant and pays the amount through online or credit card where the receipt will be given to the owner. The introduction and usage of online and POS card payments has created a low margin of theft and underwriting.

Serving own bottles


Some employees bring their own liquors to serve their customers and earn an illicit and colossal profit. This trick is usually used by bartenders while making drinks for the customer. For instance, a customer orders a gin martini, the bartender swiftly changes to vodka or whisky from gin which he bought at lower price and serves it to customer for $ 100 where he makes a $ 20 profit from it. This type of service theft creates a bad impression towards customers and also spoils the reputation of the owners of the bars and restaurants.

Theft of Food and Inventory

The restaurant thieves not only rob the money but also they rob food and inventory which is used in the restaurant. This is one of the most common ways of the employees to misuse the stocks of your business. This kind of theft includes snacking of your supplies, taking the food home in the restaurant, straight up stealing supplies and raw materials from your delivery truck and most importantly, alcohol, causing your sales rate continuously low at your business.


Alcoholic theft is the main reason for the low process and dropping profit rates in the business. To solve this problem you can invest in an inventory management tool. Clover POS comes with a powerful inventory tracking system. And you can customize your system as you need.

Lookout for Checkouts

You must also check out the employees while they are going out. Checkout theft is more common than you may think. Checkout theft includes taking cash from the register, emptying ordered items, improperly ringing up items in the cash book, inflating tips, and dropping sales.


A digital POS system can help you to check the receipts that do not match the sales. Checkout theft can be largely prevented with an automated POS System. A good way to keep everyone honest is to give each of your servers a checkout system to send the sent data back into the central POS kiosk.


Theft in the Ledger

Accounting theft and checkout theft goes hand in hand in spoiling the business. This theft is more long-term and indices to find the theft are harder to spot. If you leave the accounts unchecked; the employees will take a deadly advantage of this, it can be a serious impact on your business.


Forms of accounting theft include manipulating ledgers, cancelling the checks, skimming cash, underreporting earnings on the balance sheet, setting up fake accounts payable. Usage of accounting software can reduce the theft because this type of theft is very insecure and very hard to identify its source.

Stealing Grandma's Secret

There is reason behind the term "The Chef's Touch", because the head chef knows the secret ingredient of his dishes. That's what makes a restaurant unique and special. Just like that a business has its own speciality and every businessman tries to keep it secret and wants his trusted men to carry forward his secret. Here the minus is that not everyone is trustworthy. There are few employees who want to steal the secret.

That is known as intellectual property theft .Intellectual property theft refers to the theft of trading secrets of a business. You don't want anyone to sell your menu items in others restaurant. More than earning money is important in business, but protecting trade secrets like proprietary receipts, ingredients lists, cooking processes, and branding, etc. is more important for business. Therefore, trustworthy and honest people are required in many businesses and particularly food business.


Food business invents new creative dishes to keep the business running and creates a specialty in the business. But the restaurant industry is a lot smaller than you might think. In some restaurants, they will work day and night by giving the shift work and part-time work also. But it's hard to protect your secret recipe from becoming public knowledge. You should have honest and trustworthy kitchen staff for the cooking and at the same time you should give respect and have trust in the employees.

Time Thieves

Time theft is especially common in all restaurants. The employees have their own check -in and check –out timings. Improper time registry in servers, unscheduled breaks and improper timesheets, unpunctual in office timings and leaving early, phone break are some of the time thefts. Some employees will work overtime for money. The business should provide a convenient working hours and frequent breaks for the employees and staffs should follow the timings and rules of the business.


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