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Adoption Scams

Being a target of adoption scam can be emotionally draining and devastating in many forms, that is why you should always be patient and do your due diligence every step of the way when planning to adopt. These adoption frauds can happen any time of the day and through any platform, even when professionals are involved, hence, it is a must to be alert and attentive. Moreover, not all deceptive adoptions revolve around money thus it is important to be aware of all illegal acts in the area of adoption to not let the crooks deceive you. Let's have a look at how it functions and how to avoid them.

Red flags

If you are planning to adopt a child, pay attention to these warning signs before you dream about your expectations confirm and shell out any money.

Expectant birth mother:

  • Showing no proof of pregnancy
  • Not responding to emails and calls
  • No proper contact information
  • Refusing to meet with an adoption facilitator

Adoption agency:

  • Demands you to sign a document that you haven't read fully and understood.
  • Making emotional connection like referring the child as completely yours before the process is officially finalized.
  • Making unsolicited contact to sign you up as a potential adoptive parent
  • Refusing to meet with an adoption facilitator
Whether you or anyone you know is planning to adopt, give them a heads up. If you feel suspicious and come across any said situations, don't hesitate to perform further research about the person or organizations you are working with.

Most common adoption scam cases:

With the hopes of personal and financial gain, scammers target innocent adoptive parents through the following ways and it includes:
  • An adoption agency charging too much fees or accepting money for services that were never rendered.
  • A perpetrated expectant giving hopes to more than one family while accepting cash and other necessary things from the families with or without the intention to complete the process.
  • An adoption intermediator providing little or no information about any critical background information or about a child's physical, emotional, or development problems and history.
  • An expectant, or supposedly expectant woman who masquerades as prospective birth mother, while collecting money from the prospective adoptive parents for living expenses, and other costs with no ability to complete the adoption process.

How to avoid internet adoption scams?

  • Get proof of pregnancy
  • Make face-to-face contact
  • Always use the services of a trusted professional agency when it comes to adoption. Go for professional private attorney to assist you with the process, but before you choose to seek the help of an adoption facilitator or agency or private attorney, don't forget to perform an all-inclusive research about the agency/organization and attorney itself.

How to avoid internet adoption scams?

Being a target of adoption scam can take an emotional and financial toll, if you are a victim then don't let it go, report the potential violation to the FBI, state attorney general office or your local police department.

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