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Social media scams

Social media scams- The darker side of social networks:

The interest of people for social networks such as Face book, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn is increasing day-by-day. Though they help you be in touch with the public, recent research reveals that the scammers take advantage on this technological advancement, making many to get into the social media scams that cost your valuable money and personal information. The root cause for this online fraudulent is quiet simple; there is no proper awareness among people on how to protect their identity online, growing trust on social platform providers and the need for social medias to generate revenue. The combination of all these factors has generate revenue.
Social Media Scams
The combination of all these factors has given leeway for the scammers to execute their phishing attempts without much effort. Here we have disclosed few online fraudulent activities of the con artists to help you not get victimized in their trick web.

Fake customer service accounts:

Online fraudsters set up fake customer service account on twitter or face book with a motive of getting easy access to your bank login password and other sensitive data. These impersonate accounts might look very similar to the legitimate one, but it features some hard to find differences such as an extra underscore or a character miss off. If someone tweets at their bank account, the scammers intercept the conversation and post the answer for their query, which often ends with asking them to login into your account via the secure log on of the scammers that seems to be an authentic one , but it is not so. Many have lost money in these types of fake customer service accounts on social Medias.

Live –stream video scams:

With the fact that the number of people watching online TV shows and movies has increased, the scammers comment on the face book page of the popular sports team with a link that make people to believe that they can watch a free live stream of a game. These fake links might direct you to a page that asks your personal information to get the video access, making you vulnerable to social medial scams. If you want to stay secured, never make a hover on these attractive links that appear interesting and entertaining.

Fake online discounts:

Many e-commerce businesses are using social Medias to get their products promoted and to encounter huge revenue. The scammers play trick on this by posting fake discount offers that actually don't exist, this way the people get ripped off by losing their credit card details, making the scammers to have easy access on their hard earned money.

Bogus online surveys and contests:

These scams are prevailing for quite sometimes, the main motive of this scam is to pull your personal information rather than money. The phishing operators built a fake website and request you to post your comments and in between, they pretend that as if they are doing survey for some trending issues and they also guarantee that if your percept wins, they might give you some decent amount as complement. If you get convinced with their offer, the very next moment they will start mining your personal details.

Stay secured from social media scams:

Having proper knowledge on what to share on the internet and what to not share might save you from the big troubles of identity theft and cash mishaps. Never reveal your social security numbers or passwords of social network account to anyone. If at all you know the person well, do not comment or reply anyone, who comes to your way uninvited. However, with a bit of cautiousness and awareness, you can have good handle on social Medias without getting into these trending social media scams.

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