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Bonet Related Scams

Scammers those are highly technical savvy attack the computers of millions of users without their knowledge and hijack the important data that are stored in the main folders and on the servers. They not only stop with stealing the data but use these data for several other criminal purposes. Cyber thefts are become a common scene these days and the individuals are having very tough time with these types of criminals. The perpetrators follow either time-tested methods or other traditional methods to attack the computer system and steal the data that are stored in it. Recently scams that are related to botnet are making rounds throughout the world. Botnets are nothing but combination of RoBOT + NETwork which means the criminals will install malicious software inside the computer and they will control it sitting in remote place.
botnet scams
FBI personnel those who are investigating the scams that are related to botnets have revealed a shocking news that millions of computers are getting botnet infections and several companies are losing their important data to the hackers. Scammers those who specialize in these types of scams that are related to botnets often target data such as credit card numbers, government secrets and technology. It is becoming a big challenge for both government and individuals to tackle these types of scams that are related to botnets.
hacking botnet

Botnets that are related to phones and text messages are also gaining huge popularity. Scammers those who operate from distant land will also send text messages to the target group requesting the recipients to open the messages. When the recipients unknowingly open the message along with the attachment the information that is stored in the android phone will get infected and damaged. Scams that are very popular in online websites are botnet infections. Public should delete phishing mails or the messages that come from Estonia and Russia since it might be from scammers. 'Operation Ghost Click' was a famous scam which made the FBI tizzy and active. It is a Trojan that, once installed on a system, will steal the important data or corrupt it within no time. When this Trojan software is installed the Estonian company will control the system and steal the data quickly. Scammers will follow different unique methods to swindle the data from the computer and the public should handle these types of people very carefully.

This Trojan will quickly damage or steal crucial data after it has been installed on a machine. The Estonian business will take control of the machine and immediately grab the data after installing this Trojan software. The public should treat scammers with extreme caution since they will use a variety of original techniques to steal data from computers.

widespred botnet
Scammers will trick the public and force them to install malicious software that will capture sensitive information from the computer. Public can save their important data in the computers when they follow the below guidelines:
  • Take immediate actions when the computer terminals or servers are extremely slow since the hackers may attack the system and steal the data.
  • Install the most advanced antivirus software in all the important computer systems.
  • Update all the computer then and there and stay educated on the latest tactics that hackers use.
  • Do not preserve important data such as credit card numbers, expiry date, passwords and bank account details since the hackers may steal these data.
  • Escalate these types of peculiar scams to the cyber police or the authorities concerned.
how a botnet works

Hackers as scammers

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