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Female Scammer Maria Guschina

Maria Guschina

Female Scammer Maria Guschina


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First Name: Maria
Location [Address]: Russia, 424028, Nizhniy Novgor Nizhniy Novgorod (Russia); Se
Age: 30
Birth Date:
Aliases: Maha, Marija, Mariya, Mariyah,

Reports :


Marina has a real name Maria Guschina and she lives in Russia, when I recieved her first email i was kinda shock I knew this pitch, this ready made template she must be sending these to 1000s her templates are written in russian then converted from russian to English in google translate coz when I asked her to chat in msn face to face and turn on her webcam she said what is msn and she doesn't have webcam. Then I started to play my game and my role she loved me for money after her 40th emails she sent me her real name and phone number and demanded for 600 euro to be wired to her in order to come to London and get married with me. I told her would u send me 200 euro I will come and we get married I hope this help you guys before u fall for her.



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