Female Scammer Carol William

Carol William

Female Scammer Carol William

E-mail: carol_williamhere@yahoo.com
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First Name: Carol
Location [Address]: 10 Paul Ave., Lagos, Nigeria Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 30
Birth Date:

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Hey, Robert !!!
"I have not had such great mood for so long. My eyes have never shone with cheerfulness as they do as a result of hanging out with you.Ireally thrilled we 're getting more acquainted with you.I got the idea that Iwish to tell you about my everyday life.At some time in the near past I 've mentioned you about my mommy and daddy, I would like to reveal my saddening past life- the explanation why I haven't taken vows , even though I 've constantly had a wish to be with a warm guy. My ex husband would hit the bottle and attack me. In view of that saddening past life, I'm panic-stricken to make an attempt to have courtship with the ukrainian fellows and after all I came to decision to pen the e-mail to the person from foreign country because I 'm self-assured that u're unalike the ukrainian fellows who don't admire and think much of the girl-friends. I wanna let slip all that as a bad dream and never look back to it.Write to me please regarding your birthplace and the district where you're settling.I 'd be so thrilled to have a look at the shots of your fave regions. I'll watch for an e-mail from you.Carol William"



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