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Premium Rate Phone Line Scams

Startling statistics issued by the national exchequer provides sensitive information that loss to the government treasury due to the activities of scammers runs to several million dollars. Though FBI and Interpol are trying their level best to reduce these types of activities they are unable to completely arrest these types of dangerous scams since the scammers change their identities frequently which become a challenge for the police force. These types of scamming activities will only increase in the future and it will be very difficult to control it. So, it is imperative to note that the people those who use internet and emails should never part their personal and financial information to any third parties unless they are totally convinced about the authenticity of the sender. But in most of the cases these types of mails will be sent only by the scamming world.
Premium rate card scam

Latest scam which is gaining immense popularity is premium rate phone numbers. In these types of modern scams the scammer will gain access to a switchboard of the telephone company and try to extract huge amounts from the callers. These types of rip-offs are also called as Dial through draft or DISA. When the scammers intervene the customers those who belong to telephone companies will be compelled to pay more than the actual amount since the calls they make will be diverted to some other phone lines that are devised by the scammers. Public those who receive any calls or mails from the scammers should immediately escalate the matter to the telephone companies and also to the police authorities. Public should search the telephone numbers only from government service and show never use certain numbers which brings with 084, 087 and 098 since it may be from the scamming world.
Premium rate phone scam

Scammers may even advertise premium phone list of government officials in several websites and cheat the commoners. When the public uses one of the telephone numbers that are published on these types of websites they will be charged heavily. The scammers will pocket several dollars when the public uses these numbers. Follow the below mentioned guidelines to escape from the criminal network.
  • Choose only legitimate government websites for searching the telephone numbers of the officials.
  • Public those who are intelligent will be able to sense when there is any call diversion after the dial tone.
  • Escalate these types of scamming activities to the concerned telephone companies and police.
  • Disconnect the calls when they are from foreign countries or from unidentified groups.
  • Compare the telephone bills with the previous ones and check whether there is any increase in bill payments.
  • Never share any confidential information with the telephone caller or scammers like SSN, bank account details or credit card number or PIN.
How the scam works

Premium rate phone line scam

Nine scammers were arrested

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