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Everything about a scam is illegitimate. Scammers play around with the innocent people with an aim to sell something fake or make them believe in something that do not exist, by making them pay for that. This way the scammer makes money from many such victims. These smart criminals mostly target the areas where the victim will not have much knowledge of. It is easy to make the victim believe in something that they don't know.

While there are a number of tricks and tactics that are already going around in the market in the name of scammer's strategies and tactics, another such popular reported scam is the fake antivirus scam. As the name says for itself that here the scammer might try to sell a fake antivirus to the user. Yes of course, the underlying idea behind the fake antivirus scam is to sell an antivirus to the victim, but the interesting things to know about this scam are,

•How is this antivirus sold to the victims?


• What does this antivirus do?

Well the scammers are getting smarter and sharper when it comes to implementing fraudulent strategies on the victims. Once the software is downloaded, the scammer wants to play more with the victims system. Let us look into details of the above 2 points.

Fake Antivirus Scam


Selling fake antivirus software to the victim is the basic underlying fact in this type of scam technique. Scammers run numerous tactics to sell the fake antivirus to the victims. Scammers involve in cold calling, where they target a specific age group of older age, who are easy to convince. These scammers are well versed in convincing the old people about the threats that the victim's computer is vulnerable to. the initially speak about the service pack to be free, and then gradually charge the victim once the victim is taken into confidence of the scammer's talks. Another way in which the scammers approach for selling a fake antivirus is through phishing sites, unsolicited emails and so on. Well when the scammers approach the victims online, they are highly tech savvy and their fake antivirus software can cause huge damage to your system and data in the system. The emails and the phishing sites, direct the victim to the scammer's fake antivirus software page where the victim ends up buying paid yet fake antivirus software that serves no purpose to the victim's computer.

Fake Antivirus


In many cases when the victim has already paid for buying the antivirus software, this fake antivirus software servers no purpose at all. It remains to be as a bogus application in the system of the victim. As the ultimate aim of the scammer is to make money and hence once the money is received on the sale of the fake antivirus software, the scammer remains to be least bothered about the application. But as when time passed, and the number of fake antivirus software purchases increased, the scammer's greedy mind craved for more. Thinking whether the scammer could make out more from the application residing in the victim's computer, these tech savvy scammers developed malicious code that would be a part of the fake antivirus software that would be installed on the victims computer. This software would then allow the scammer to access all the personal and confidential information that would be stored on the victim's computer. In many other cases, the fake antivirus software remains dormant for few days, and later on brings in pop ups that send out threat to the computer from various other types of viruses that were detected by the fake antivirus software. An in order to clear these threats the victim will be forced to pay for subscription plans that will actually eliminate the new viruses. Innocent users who are not much aware of anything will get scared and end up paying for the fake subscription plans raised by the fake antivirus software. There are lots of things that this fake antivirus software is capable to do. The scammer basically launches the fake antivirus software that once sold, can become a constant source of income to him.


There are many points to consider avoiding this fake antivirus software scam,

• Immediately delete any mail that appears in your inbox, selling the best antivirus software that will protect your computer from all types of viruses and malicious code. Instead that mail might be trick played up on you to make you download fake antivirus software.
• Never ever agree to download or buy antivirus software online. No matter how legitimate and promising it looks, most of them are a scam.
• If you happen to come across an email that sends you to a page where you can buy antivirus software, avoid that by all means. No legitimate antivirus software companies will sell their product via an email link. chances are high that the scammer is sending you to a fake antivirus buying page.
• Anyone who calls and approaches you, selling antivirus for your computer should not be trusted. You should verify the source from where you received the call before allowing them to access your computer.
• If you have made a mistake of buying antivirus software online, and things look vulnerable after that, do not further subscribe to any service from the same antivirus software program. This could be a trick to spill out more money from the victim's pocket.
• Before making any decision on buying paid antivirus software online, always consult few family members and friends and verify the source before making a purchase.

Hence it is highly important to take security measure in cases like antivirus software and all, as once a mistake is done, it will give ample room for the scammer to destroy and access all the important information that is stored in the victims computer.


Example 1 :-

Fake Antivirus Scam Example-1

Example 2 :-

Fake Antivirus Scam Example-2

Example 3 :-

Fake Antivirus Scam Example-3

Example 4 :-

Fake Antivirus Scam Example-4

Example 5 :-

Fake Antivirus Scam Example-5

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