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Computer Prediction Software Scams

Millions of people use websites everyday for purchasing goods from online shopping companies which sell their products at nominal prices. These days even premium online shopping portals offer bidding which prompts the people to purchase several products from them. But the people those who purchase hundreds of products through websites are unaware that there are several scammers those who play tricks with the people those purchase through online shopping portals and run away with the money. Phishing scams takes place when the customers shop online, check their emails and access social media websites.
Computer prediction software
Scams related to computer prediction software are becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. Scammers those who operate from Nigeria or other third world countries generally target the people those who are interested in horse racing. These criminals will send a mail to the public stating that they have world class race prediction software that will predict the winning horse accurately. The mails sent by these criminal networks will be written in a professional way and will carry statistics and reports which will look genuine. When the recipients reply to the mails the scammers will request the target audience to deposit money immediately for sending the prediction software. When the race goers deposit the money they will run away with it and will never reply further.
Scam betting
Scammers those who are planning to cheat the race goers will pose themselves as a prediction software seller and make hundreds of phone calls to the innocent people. When the race goers are impressed with their words the scammers will request them to deposit few dollars in their bank account for dispatching the prediction software. When the race goers deposit the money they will run away immediately. Scammers will also send text message which will carry words like "We are launching world class prediction software that will accurately predict the jockey who will win the upcoming racing event. This time-tested software is priced cheaply and if you are interested to purchase this software you have to deposit few dollars immediately in so and so bank account". If the recipient deposits the money the scammers will siphon off the money immediately and will never bother to reply.
Gambling system
Scammers will call the customers through landlines or mobiles and will prompt them to purchase the sports betting prediction software that will predict the upcoming football or tennis competitions correctly. They will pressurize them to purchase this prediction software and will insist them to deposit the money quickly to enable them to send it immediately. They will also promise very high returns of profit when they purchase this software. If the customers deposit the money the scammers will escape with the money.
Computer prediction scam
Race goers and commoners should deal with these types of scammers with an iron hand and should not leave them to wonder freely. When horse race lovers receives scamming message or mails they should immediately escalate the matter to the police authorities or cyber patrol wing. The following guidelines will be of much use to the commoners:
  • Never reply to any scamming mails and if you accidentally open the mail, read the contents and delete it immediately.
  • Should never provide login credentials and financial details to any unknown person or third parties.
  • Escalate the matter immediate to the concerned authorities.
Dont over think about money

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