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Store Card Scams

Hundreds of retail outlets and online shopping portals are issuing gift cards to their esteemed customers along with the products they purchase. They can use these gift cards in other outlets or encash it while purchasing some other products. Gift cards are not new and they are very popular in lots of countries. Now, the customers those who are purchasing gift cards from the retail outlets should exercise maximum caution when some stalkers watch their movements. This might be an attempt to rob the unique gift card codes or steal some other important data from it.

Store Card Scams
Scams related to store gift card is an interesting topic which is worth exploring. Branded and popular retail outlets issue gift cards when they purchase few products from their showroom. This is done only to improve the sales thereby improving profits of the company. When the customers' purchases the gift cards the scammer will stand behind them and jot down the serial numbers and other important particulars. After jotting down the unique numbers and other details he will siphon-off the balance amount that is remaining in the gift cards. US has seen lots of felony stealing and recently an employee working in the reputed retail store confessed to the police authorities that he issued several gift cards to the customer and never received payment.
Since scams related to Store Cards is constantly increasing the customer should be careful while purchasing or using the gift cards. They should never impart their gift card numbers and the balance in it to third parties or stalkers or others. Scams related to store credit card is also worth reading. Customers happily open their wallet in the public and issue their card at point of sales. The employees or the scammers will jot down the card number, PIN and other details and use it in wrong ways. Plenty of customers have lost their money heavily in these types of scams. Intelligence bureau and police authorities are also receiving many scams related to target store credit card. Police authorities have even caught these types of thieves in the past and have taken severe action against them.
The customers should follow the below guidelines when they step into the shops that issues gift cards.
  • Check whether there are any stalkers those who are watching you from a distance. If you find any strangers walking near you never use the gift or credit card and wait till he departs from your place.
  • Never share your credit card and gift card particulars to third party. The scammers may even pose as gift card company representative and try to steal the personal data. Never share the financial or credit card details since you may lose your money from the savings or credit card account.
  • Always use credit cards sparingly since there is a possibility of losing the credit card information to the third parties.
  • If someone has robed your credit or gift card data immediately write to scamming websites and also escalate the matter to concerned police authorities.

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