Male Scammer Samuel Scott

Scammer Samuel Scott

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First Name: Samuel
Location [Address]: North Carolinaunknown Spring Hope
Age: 31

Reports :

"Hello Baby,
I miss you so much, I don't have the energy to type so much so I got one of the local soldiers to help me out on it now.
I miss you so much my love. I thank God I'm alive baby. I know somethings happens for reason and I know whatever challenges that might come up to us within this little remaining time we have to be here, we're definitely gonna overcome it because our happiness is a blessing from God and nothing in this world is gonna stop us from being together.
I'm still on treatments here baby and I'm still in so much pain, I don't seem to get any improvement in their treatments baby. I was advised to get myself to a Private Hospital for a better treatments by one of the soldiers as what they do sometimes too when they need to because they said anything ""Private"" in this country and not even hospitals alone but like universities and others are more equipped and better in every way because the government hospitals are equipped with the country made things and they are of low qualities. we just gotta take the chance because I don't wanna risk anything about my body. we're gonna need about $780.00 to make the treatment as they said when they made inquiries about it for me earlier today because the pain is just too much baby, we just need to get me treated as soon as possible baby. I wish I can have you here right now.
I miss you so much my love and don't want you to get too worried, that's why I told Exantus to write you so you know what's going on.
Love you always. Your Samuel Scott."



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