Male Scammer Milton Brando

Scammer Milton Brando

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First Name: Milton
Location [Address]: unknown Accra (Ghana)
Age: 54
Aka: unknown
Aliases: Mitt
Phone: unknown

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Scam Report

He had come to me in November of last year. Began to communicate with me. Told that he has no family, his wife died in a car accident. Name is my hero Paul Smith. Since the first days treated me respectfully. Gradually began to throw me compliments. I thought my happiness, but it was not there. Said that he has two sons. They live in boarding school. I asked why they had to live in the boarding school. But he replied me that he is in Syria in agnostic doctor. Then he began to confess to me in love, I reciprocate. But he was always on guard of your health. He then began I to send their pictures. He picked up the generals in the form and put your head to this photo. Was photo shop. As he told me that he needed to send money to 35,000 million. in Russia. He took a picture of a box and sent to me. But when the need to pay for the box $ 1,500. But that kind of money I was not. A week passed and he asked me for $ 1000. He wanted to send their children to Nigeria on a tour together with the teacher. I was killing time. Then he said that the eldest son had an accident and needed blood. Me, it was disturbing. He wept bitter tears, unmoral to send money. Said that the teacher had sold the computer for $ 400. Was not much venireman told me that he was 4 days and nothing was eaten. I told him I was sorry. Then it became me to beg you to send at least $ 350. I did not send him the money. Then he postal me a lawyer. Name advocate Sam Okydzeto. Then he felt that I don't want to give money then he became together with the lawyer to step on me. I was less to write and my relationship is gone. A month has passed, look, he again went to my page, but in the role of General Thomas Billy. I realized that he breeds me for money. As if nothing had happened he told me that serving in Afghanistan, in Kabul. Always invited to come to him. But I am still friends with her head. He again told his tale of the family. Said that the family had no wife died in a car accident. Again began to envelop me with their compliments. I'm not attracted his attention. I think he has something with his head, he wouldn't remember us. But just now he told me that he has a 14-year-old son there. I asked him on Skype. He gave me Skype, I chatted with his son. Boy predestine, talkative. He misses her father. Told me that his dad works a lot. Then he asked me to send my passport, I thought, but otpravka. He gathered another box, put down $ 1.2 million diamond ring. Sent it all with diplomata, but on the border diplomat checked and the box was selected. Box was already in Russia. Of course reserves it on me, brought me to be rude and in the end we parted. He wormed his way into my family, into my soul. I can't forgive him. I want to say to all the women do not give money to these Americans. For white Americans are Negroes. They correct them. Beware, beware of scams, not David EIM money, block them



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