Male Scammer Paul Chandler

Scammer Paul Chandler

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First Name: Paul
Location [Address]: Atlanta
Age: 57

Reports :

I saw his profile in He sent me a massage, letting me know he liked my profile. I answered his message and about the 3rd message he asked me to communicate by personal email. I agreed to communicate by email and we communicated by phone and email every day for about a month. The relationship was romantic and he will tell me how much he loved me and he missed me. About a week later I decided to run a background check using the information I had. For my surprise, no information was found under the name he gave me or email address.


I continue to exchange emails with him but I started to research in the web. I found the same descriptions in other websites. All the websites I read said he was going to ask me money, I was trusting him because he had not ask for money. But he did las Friday, claiming the job he was doing in FL did not pay him. He asked for 4350.00, then lower the money to 1350.00 but I never send him money. The reason I am reporting this is because he is a talker and I good writer. I do not want a woman to get scamm if I can prevent it. His profile on pof is still active and his email as well.



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