Male Scammer Matthew Williams

Scammer Matthew Williams

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First Name: Matthew
Location [Address]: unknown Lagos (Nigeria)
Age: 51
Aka: Fabio
Aliases: Mathew, Mathews, Matt, Mattew
Phone: 3362833085

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Scamming scenario:
I meet the guy through Face book. He said he is for Ontario Canada but had received a contract to do construction in Sabah Borneo. He gave me a number both for Ontario Canada and in Sabah Borneo.In just less than a week in Sabah Borneo, He informed me that he cannot cashed the lical currency cheque he was paid. He needs to open an account requiring him to deposit $10,000. He is short of $3,000. He said he cannot contacts anyone in Canada and he will be unable to buy materials to continue with his project. He asked if I can help him with the $3,000 and he will pay in a few days. I said I don't have that money. He then suggested I borrowed from friends. I told him why not used his credit card. He said he does not any credit card. A businessman travelling overseas on business with no credit card. He was annoyed I cannot raise the $3000 for him and started talking about trust etc. I blocked him on my face book and yahoo messenger. I just found out same picture listed in Oasis and had reported it to the site management.



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