Male Scammer Jimmy Nelson

Scammer Jimmy Nelson

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First Name: Jimmy
Location [Address]: unknown Accra (Ghana)
Age: 64
Aka: unknown
Aliases: Jim
Phone: unknown

Reports :

I met Jimmy on Oasis Active about a month ago and we struck up a quick friendship. We then started to get romantic I also started to talk to his daughter Amanda who is a student at Cambridge University in the UK. We got along great. Her dad now tells me he has business in Ghana Delivering cars that he bought in Berlin to sell to them. Amanda in the mean time lost her cell phone and wanted me to buy her an ATT iPhone 6+. As John and I was getting so close that marriage was in our future so Amanda said I should do that because I was going to be her mom. She also requested a lap top. Her father arrives in Ghana and loses his cell phone at the airport and gets searched for money laundying of a large amount of cash he had on him. The story shifts and he tells Amanda that she has to wait for hers. He has to finish up the business there so he could come home to me. We discussed how to ship these goods to Ghana. We finally agreed on EMS I told him I was going to ship them today. He has called my phone off the hook today’s have avoided both of them.This is address of hotel manager that John Clapp gave me to send the 500.00 via money gram. Name Abioudun Eric Kilani Country. Ghana. This man also has a Face book page. John decided it would be better to sending the money there than try and ship the goods to him via EMS.



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