Male Scammer Matthew Gareth

Scammer Matthew Gareth

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First Name: Matthew
Location [Address]: unknown Accra (Ghana) ; Kabul (Afghanistan)
Age: 45
Aka: Jobe Fatou
Aliases: Mathew, Mathews, Matt, Mattew
Phone: unknown

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Scam Scenario

Wes contacted me first, on June 21, 2019 He said he lived in Rochester, NY but worked in McLean, VA at Dyncorp Intl. He said he commuted back and forth. He claimed he owned homes in both cities. He also said he owns a house in Westport, CT where he was born. He has no siblings or children. Claims he is divorced. We communicate on Google Hangouts. It is odd that he texts me at odd hours during the night. After writing back and forth for a week, he said he was returning to Rochester on Friday. But on Wednesday, he suddenly had to go to Dubai, UAE for work. He had to leave the next morning. He texted me after he supposedly landed in Dubai. In our communication, I told him I was buying a new iPhone. He asked me to buy him one too. Said he was using the iPhone 6. I asked him to video chat with me, but he said the camera no his phone didn't work. There were a few other things that made me suspect he was fake. He told me he has blue eyes and yet in his picture that he sent, they are brown. I also had asked him what the temperature was in Virginia. He gave me the reading as 28 degrees Celsius. American's do not use Celsiuis.



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