Male Scammer Jeffrey Covington

Scammer Jeffrey Covington

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I met person in Match. He told he is trying to get a construction project. He said he got it. Left to Turkey to build and after 4 months he was leaving Turkey and his visa has expired needed money for that reason. Told he had used all his money for this project and he will cash his cheque when he has returned to Finland. Never came. He told he has been investigated because of visa, immigration and tax. Had several court cases and legal fees to pay. I have made several money Transactions to Turkey to several accounts. I have all the slips and accounts and names. Also a promissory note he signed but I it’s worthless. I have been stupid enough to help him and send him money to Turkey for several accounts. Now I have asked for 2000 for balance and after that he is allowed to leave Turkey. They say he is arrested. I ordered a background report from investigator and report told this seems to be a fraud. Today I have made a report to IC3, asked CNN if video clip is theirs or are they used in scam. It was yesterday when I really got it in my head that I have been scammed by the report I received from Investigator yesterday.



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