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First Name: GARYSON
Location [Address]: RANCHO, CA USA

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This guy I met on tinder and here is some extracts of a conversation we had on hang out.I wanted to discuss some issues with you Why what has happened. Remember I told you that the customs is delaying my goods in Benin. I intended of going there but I have turned it down because the risk involve I have tried to take a loan from the bank to finance the business but they turned me down because of huge debit in the bank Right now, I have sent all the money with me to Benin for the custom to release the goods so that I'll get paid for the services So surely that will solve your problem your good will be released I never mean to disturb you with my problem that was the reason I haven't inform you all these since then. Please I'll need you to support me to complete the amount of money needed by the custom How much are you talking about 2550 pounds That's a lot of money you are asking me for I haven't even met you . Honey, I know that we haven't met that is the reason I haven't discuss it with you since then I'm ashamed of myself right now.I will understand if you are not going to assist me I am sorry but I can't lend money to somebody I have never met surely you have friends who know you well who can lend you money. His introduction was he had recently moved to London from Miami but his daughter was still in the states he was an independent business in health and safety he also was an adviser to the royal Caribbean line on health and safety I did a reverse image search on the photo he had on his hangout and surprise surprise he is a well known scammer.



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