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Male Scammer chrisstelios 

Scammer chrisstelios 


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First Name: chrisstelios
Location [Address]: address given was 19555 bent tree ter, # 408 leesburg, virginia, usa other emails given as

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I joined the Facebook AYI dating site & within a few days I had connected with Aaron Grant. I couldn't believe that I had met such a wonderful man in such a short period of time. Within a month of emails & phone calls, we had declared our love for each other. I know this sounds crazy but his emails were amazing, loving, caring & every word was just what every woman wants to hear! He then had to go to Malaysia to sort out a contract for 3 weeks & after that he would come to Cape Town for us to meet. Well he finished the contract earlier & phoned me to tell me the great news! He then told me that he needed my help financially as he had to pay tax on the money that he was going to be paid for the contract that he had completed & he didn't have enough to pay for the taxes. He wanted me to help him with 2000, so I told him I couldn't help him & he mustn't ask me for money again as I had already been scammed by another man before! I then received an email from him apologizing for asking me & that we must not let this tear us apart. I didn't answer it. I then watched a show of Dr Phil & it was all about men who scam women & the signs to look out for. And he matched the signs exactly!! I then emailed him telling him not to contact me again & that I couldn't understand how he could do such a thing to innocent women. Well, I obviously have not heard from him since. Ladies, please be careful! They know exactly what we want to hear & that we are vulnerable to their charms.



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