Male Scammer Samuel Mamudu

Scammer Samuel Mamudu

E-mail: unknown

Scam Danger: 


First Name: Samuel
Location [Address]: unknown Accra (Ghana)
Age: 40
Aka: unknown
Aliases: Sammuel
Phone: unknown

Reports :

This guy claims to be from Ohio working as an engineer in Nigeria. HE can’t get to any money because he claims they have no atms and no international banking....he sent me flowers wrote me poems....claimed he was going to treat me like a queen...then scammed me out of money....he claims to need more and more to leave the country...that he is going to die there I if don’t help him...of course his parents were killed in a plane crash and has no relatives to turn to He claims he is in The Army in Afghanistan... And has a 14 yr old daughter his wife died 3 yrs ago And he will tell you everything a lonely woman wants to near PLEASE DON'T BE FOOL BY HIS SWEET WORDS. He a scammer is name is John Michael from New Jersey. He is not real...He will tell you he loves you and needs you and wants to marry you and then hit you with the BIG QUESTION he needs money to come home to you.



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