Male Scammer Mike Delaney

Scammer Mike Delaney

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First Name: Mike
Location [Address]: Nigeriaunknown Abuja
Age: 53

Mike Delaney

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"Good Morning Marie,
I hope you also had a great night rest!. I just keep looking into your beautiful face in your picture over and over again. You're such a naturally beautiful woman and that kinda makes me wonders how on earth you could be lonely Oh what are the good men over there looking at! smiles. I just believe sometimes God keeps us for the best things he's making up to us. God knows best and got the best plans for us.
Marie, I want you to know that It is very important for me to build a life of stability, security, and opportunity for the special person I hope to share my thoughts, feelings, experiences, dreams and fantasies with, and to offer the best in opportunities and that is my focus at this time and I also do enjoy my job though I'm planning to start my retirement processes as soon as I have my forever companion around.
In me you are going to find a man that was blessed with an over abundance of passion to give to the ones I share my heart and soul with.
Unconditional love is a dynamic and powerful energy that lifts us through the most difficult times.It is available at any moment we turn our attention to it and use its wonderful potential to free ourselves from our limitations.It requires practice and intent to allow this energy to fully permeate our daily experience.
It begins with ourselves,for without self-love,we cannot know what true love can be.In loving ourselves,we allow the feeling to generate within us and then we can share it to everyone and everything around us!That which we send out returns to us in greater measure.If you have not thought about how you feel towards yourself,physically,mentally,
and emotionally or spiritually,I enjoin you to do so now,Begin the journey that changes everything,Begin the journey of unconditional love.
I also want you to know that Where others write many people and keep there messages short because they are all about how many they can write, I am the opposite and very selective in whom I choose to write and I like to give them my very best even if it is in a long letter such as this. I know the type of person who I want to build a friendship with so I am willing to put the time and effort in my messages to show that to you.
I hope to hear from you pretty soon.
Stay good
Warm hugs
Mike Delaney."



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