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Scammer Luis  Sherwood

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Luis  Sherwood

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Let's chat on Hangouts! Howdy! Sep 27, 7:55 PM Let me know if you received this or not? Sep 27, 8:13 PM Good morning Vicki How are you, I am fine and and thank you for message on Hangout.? Yes i have received your message on Hangout, i'm sorry i went to bed last night after sending you mail. Israel is 7 hrs ahead of you USA and was feeling sleepy after sending mail. It was nice to wake up to message on Hangout morning my time on this makes me excited, I want us to text or chat here and learn about each other. Text me here always and will respond back as soon as i see your messages Hangout. Talk to you soon? Luis • Sep 28, 2:38 AM Hey there! I reread my email to you last night & you're was a looooonnng one...sorry about that....once I start talking/typing it just flows....I also want to clarify that only my birth father has passed & my Mom & step Dad are alive & well but will always accept blessings on their souls....I'm sooo happy to know that you are a man of faith too! What a relief! It's hard enough in this crazy world with all its chaos but to know that I'm talking to a fellow Christian makes my heart feel much more at ease...I'm looking forward to getting to know you & eventually meeting you too...hope you have a great day! Sep 28, 7:18 AM Hey Vicki, glad to hear from you again and it was nice texting you from Hangout. Yes i had a great day talking to the managers again in our meeting. I don't have much doing tomorrow so i will be going for sightseeing and will take some pictures to share with you. Okay sorry i'm glad to hear your mom step Dad are alive and that is good. Yes same here and it feels so good to know you are a Christians too, God is the one who have made me whom i'm today, through prayers i'm blessed with my business and alot of customers and have faith in him. I do not loose faith in God as said in Mathew 21:21-22 I am lying down relaxing and you can text me here anytime when you have the time? Luis • Sep 28, 10:03 AM Hi Luis...busy day here at work but wanted to just say hi! I look forward to seeing your pictures that you take while you're sightseeing! Israel, especially Jerusalem is definitely on my bucket list! Among many other places in this big old world! Take care & enjoy... Sep 28, 1:50 PM Hey good evening, aww you are so nice to say hi from work even though you where busy at work and that is good you are so kind and caring. So how was your day, i hope your day at work was productive.Yes i will take pictures from sightseeing and will share them with you is already 1 am here but i want to say hi before going to bed. I don't have anything to do in the morning but just sightseeing and if you home from work we can text for a while before going to bed? Wow! You're up late! Are you a night owl? My day was good...still digging through emails from being out last week... Hello glad to meet you online hahaha, yes i'm up late. I decided to stay up late to look for you online for a chat a while before going to bed. Moreover i don't have much doing in the morning. I know is also a good time to look for you online because is 6 pm for you in the state and you must be home now from work hahaha Glad to know your day was good too Hahaha...funny guy...Guess that was a silly question...I haven't left work yet but getting ready to soon then I have a 30 min drive home...I've been meaning to ask you is your name pronounced Loo-is or Loo-eez? hahaha well my name is pronounced Luis but not the one ending with z hahaha Like Louis then? I only as because I work with a guy who has the same name spelled the same & he pronounces it Loo-eez...just want to make sure I say it correctly... I only ask...correction above... Oh okay, well i think we have Brazilians and Spanish name with luiz that end z. But my my dad name me with the pronounced name Luis yes i think we have Louis too. But mine is Luis an English name because my late dad is American Oh okay i understand hahaha You got it Mom gave me Vicki which gets misspelled a lot & drives me nuts especially on email...come on people! My name is the address spell it correctly already! Vicki you have a lovely name Your daughter Tierney too got a nice name.How is she doing, i hope she is fine?'re just saying that to make me smile... aww i like your name so much? Thanks...I like yours too...Tier is doing ok but her ankle still bothers her & now her knee from over compensation to take the pressure off of her ankle...she stands too much at work... Aww i'm sorry to hear that from her. I will remind her in prayers about her knee and the Ankle Thanks...that's very sweet of you...well, I'm logged out & packing up to leave so you'll probably be asleep when I get long are you staying there? Thank you, i am staying here for 3 weeks and will be return back to the state in the middle of next month 17th October. Okay take care of yourself and drive safe home. That's a long time but it will give us the time to get to know each other which is a good thing... yes it will help us the time to get to know each other i look forward meeting you person as soon as i'm back. I will now go to bed and will text again in the morning. Take good care of yourself and have a sweet dreams? Yes...I look forward to meeting you too...sleep well...? text you in the morning... Thank you and too sleep well,I am glad to chat with you for a while, bye for now kisses? thanks ? You are welcome, please drive safe home.Have a goodnight Luis • Sep 28, 6:53 PM Getting ready to to turn in & can't stop thinking about you...I'm so glad that we've met & that you have sparked my interest...good night from PA.... Sep 28, 10:48 PM Hello good morning How are you , aww thanks you are also in my thought and i can't stop thinking about you too. I am excited we have met and i want to tell you more about me. I have a kind heart and a lot of love in my heart to give my beloved woman.I am an optimist and do hope that one day i will see a smile that will fill in my life, I will make sure to create warm tender atmosphere and special coziness where one can feel comfortable. I am honest,loving,caring man and and will always protect my woman and take take good care of her, I want to take long walks with her and share our life's journeys with all joys and sorrows,traveling together for holidays taking pictures while holding eacher. holding hands together going out for walk or dinner. I truly believe that life is too short to not wake up every day with a smile. I am romantic person with sense of humor and i want to love and be loved in returned. I want to share all the joy with the woman of my dream for the rest of my life. I will soon leave for the sightseeing and will take some pictures to send you for you to see how Israel looks like. Have a great day kisses Luis • Sep 29, 3:37 AM Morning Luis! I hope you're enjoying your adventures in Israel sightseeing! I also loved reading your last message & knowing what a romantic man you are. Romance has almost become extinct along with chivalry so I'm very happy to know that it's alive in you! I read a book a long time ago titled "The Five Love Languages" & it talks about how we give love & what we need to feel love back. Physical touch is one of the 5 & it's one of my languages too. I miss holding hands or having a loving arm around me to comfort me after a long hard day or just to show some care about me...I can't wait to see your pictures & what catches your eye...ok, back to work so ciao for now... Sep 29, 8:47 AM Hello how are you, I hope you are having nice day? The weather here today was Mostly sunnny 28 Fahrenheit celsius and i had a great day at the sightseeing. It was nice to get your text on Hangout and i'm always happy to hear from you. I went to the sightseeing together with a man called Eitan he is one of the managers driver and he has been so good showing me around. Israel is a beautiful country blessed with old historical buildings and whiles at the sightseeing, I saw alot of people who have travel here purposely to see this lovely places and most them are christians, church groups and partners. I saw alot of people praying on whatever they see here and Israel is really a holy land. You where in my thought whiles at the sightseeing and i wish you are here with me to hold hands together. Well if things goes well for us one day we'll travel to Israel together and i would love that very much. I will be praying about that haha! Where i'm standing in the picture is place called Beithshe'an. We where not able to visit many places so i didn't take a lot of pictures but i have enjoyed my ride on the camel and would love to ride again hahaha! There a lot of places here in Israel that i have really want to see to take pictures with and would definitely go for sightseeing again. Photos from sightseeing I have sent you photos from the sightseeing on Hangout and let me know if you have got it? I can send them to you in email if you have not got them. I am little and would like to relaxed for a while, will text later thinking of you kisses? I mean i'm a little tired and would to relax for a while, thinking of you always .I wish its your break off work to text for a while but text me anytime during your free time and i will responds when i see your message. You take good care of yourself at work kisses? Your pictures are GREAT!! I can't believe you rode a camel?! Was it like riding a horse? How tall are they anyways? The buildings look just as I imagined & you look very handsome. I see your a Houston Texans fan huh? Go relax & text me later... Hey Vicki good to hear from you i'm glad have got the pictures and thank you for the nice compliments haha! Yes i rode the camel and it was my my first time. it looks so scary riding the camel because is very tall



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