Male Scammer Basten Logan

Scammer Basten Logan

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First Name: Basten
Location [Address]: unknown Cape Town (South Africa)
Age: 45
Aka: unknown
Phone: 2318463098

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Scam Report

First time this man contacted me in March this year on Badoo dating site. He introduced himself as Jeffrey Rameses, 53 years old, widowed man with 14 years old son. He said that he was a freelance journalist, who temporary lived in Berlin Germany, since his late wife was German. He described her death in so many details after being ill with cancer for many years, that I started to doubt that it was a true-life story. At this point I was ready to cut off any further correspondence immediately. However, he sent me so many pictures of so-called son, lovely boy in his early and teenage years that these pictures made me take a chill pill and it had extended our correspondence up to last week. This man worked very hard to keep me beside him and encourage my attention. He wrote me day and night and often kept very late on Skype. He made a tremendous plans about get married in the nearest future, have a happy family life and growing old together. Sometimes he was really very obtrusive and exalted his feelings to the skies and again it made me fell that it could not be true. Later he said that beside of his work as a journalist his main income derived from the Gold and Diamond industry in one of the African countries, such as Sierra Leone. In May he said that his partner and friend Raymond died tragically in car accident in states and he had to travel to this country to settle their common business matters. According to him his later partner made him the recipient of the whole business and after the settlement of the necessary paperwork he should travel to Lagos, Nigeria to overtake the business. First time he asked me for the financial help in August, having said that his company driver hit the local person and he as a company owner had to cover all medical expenses and emotional distress of this damaged man family. He started with 5000 usd and finished with "".please please send me at least 300usd"". I refused to pay. The second and final approach he made one week ago. Last week a man, who presented himself as Jimmy Anderson, remittance manager of the bank in UK, called me and in very broken English informed me that Jeffrey Rameses would like to transfer to me as next to kin person 1.2MM GBP. I called JR and asked him what did it mean. JR said that he urgently needed money to cover his living and business expenses down in that country. Since I was the only person he could trust to, he asked the remittance manager to take a contact with me. The remittance manager sent me the papers, which should be filled in, and send back to him. I filled in the papers despite of I was very much suspicious and sent to him. Next day this manager called me and said that the transaction could be made only upon the upfront payment of 4500GBP for the Power of Attorney which should be issued by Ministry of Justice??! I said that I never heard about the Power of Attorney, which should be issued by the Ministry of Justice, and I most probably I was dealing with quite unprofessional people. I reported this case to the police. JR still had been trying to contact me via Skype this week.



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