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Male Scammer Elvis  Ferdinand Travis

Scammer Elvis  Ferdinand Travis


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First Name: Elvis
Location [Address]: New York

Elvis  Ferdinand Travis

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Reports :

Scam Report:

Met Phil through POF in April. He immediately fell in love. Deleted his account from POF right after we started texting, he had to go to Japan, for his last contract job, because he is going to retire at the end of this year. We can only text because his number is for text to voice only. No phone calls. He said that he was a widow for 11 years. His wife died of breast cancer. He said that I am his wife now and that he has purchased a 35k diamond ring for me. He sent me flowers and even a pillow that has our names on it. As the months went on, he started to text sexual to me. The texts were the usual how much he loved me. That I was his queen. Then he told me that his credit cards have all expired and that he needed to pay for his sons tuition at a private boarding school, St. George in Colgne Germany. So he needed bank information so his representaive man can put 4795 dollars in my acct so I can send it to his cousin who is in the Netherlands, to pay the tuition. My bank caught it as a forgery.I demanded his address here in the states because i told him that if I was his wife, I had the right to know it. Plus after the forgery incident, I needed to know information about him. So after much irritation, he finallly gave me an address. But when I checked the house has been on sale for 73 days. I question him about that. Beause the house went up for sale while he was in Japan. I questioned him. He said he has agents. He claims to have other properties too. Like in Germany and in California. He also has an agent that will be contacting me for an investment monies that will be coming in that he needs so he can go to Dubai for a secret deal with some Sheikahs dealing with gold. He is wanting to come home but cannot because he no monies to pay for the ticket from Japan to Wisconsin. So supposedly he is sitting Tokyo. Oh, his phone number is a landline, he claims he can use it in Japan.



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