Female Scammer Stusia Milenkaia

Stusia Milenkaia

Female Scammer Stusia Milenkaia

E-mail: stusiamilenkaia@yandex.com
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First Name: Stusia
Location [Address]:
Age: 26
Birth Date: 9/4/1989
Stusia Milenkaia

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Hello darling !!!

I hope that when you read this letter, you arrive in a good mood! I'm fine and just the perfect mood.

Yesterday I learned all relative came to you. I have to get a visa, passport and health insurance. The visa will be ready in a week after the filing of documents and payment, and perhaps earlier. I can be in your country is not more than 90 days, but if you will be more comfortable, then I can go home sooner. This possibility is probably Only once in a lifetime! And we can feel our breath and beating hearts. Everything we wanted, my dear. I love you very much, and I dream of our meeting. I want to see you soon, to feel the touch of your hands and feel your love. You're the best ! I need your help, my favorite. Because for the registration of all documents required to me

and I do not have that kind of money. I have to pay the visa, insurance and passport for traveling to your country. But as I explained to the insurance amount is included in the fee for the visa. If you are can you send me the money tomorrow, it will be very good. I will not worry too much, because I have time to do everything to make! I'll have to collect a lot of documents and do a lot of things. But it is doable, and I'll try to do it as soon as possible.

My favorite, as Hans said to me that it would be more convenient to send money through a bank account or money orders. He also said it is very safe. He sent money to Elena on the bank account and the money system, and said that it's very fast and convenient. If you can do it tomorrow, I will go to the bank and find out what will be convenient to make a bank account or other options for me. I'm glad his advice. And I hope that you will soon be able to help me with the money for the documents. It is very important for us. My dearest, I want to ask you, when you can send me

it is very important, because I, too, must plan my trip to you. My dear, I'm not comfortable asking you for help, but I no longer have someone to rely on, so I had to do it. After all, all we need to do for the sake of our future. My favorite, we love each other and always be together, I'm sure of it! Every day I dream about our meeting the airport, and you can not imagine how much I miss you! It is worth for a moment I close my eyes as I present the whole picture and happiness permeates

me to the fingertips. I love you! I trust you and have entrusted the most important thing - it's

my heart. And I believe in you, believe that you will carefully deal with it, because it is so easy to break. And I believe with all my heart and soul that you can handle it. I have a dream, how are we going to live together, we go for a walk in the park, holding hands, and meet many sunrises. I want you to show me all the best beautiful places of your city, the place where you like to walk and where you like to spend your time. I also want to meet with your family and friends

friends and I think that they, too, would like this! More than anything, I want to be with you, you are my biggest love ! I love you, and every day is very long for you my dear!

My darling, I want to say that I discussed our meeting with the parents, because it is now the most important issue. And my family is very happy for me and you and me so nice to see their smiles sincere in the world. They approve of our feeling close to you, they are so happy, because I see how much we love each other. They also told me that we will be happy with you! They see my feelings for you, my happiness, and they understand me, because they love each other very much. And they see that we can not you live without each other and wish us a lot of love! Big congratulations to you on my family, and they really believe in you ! Also greetings from Elena and Hans! I am very grateful to them, because they are my closest friends, and because thanks to them we have found each other. My favorite, let me finish my letter, and remember that you are always in my thoughts, and even more so in my heart. I am very glad that you are so good a man, and that my heart is in this man's hands. Take care of it, because I love you so much !

I look forward to your answer, my darling.

I love you !



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