Female Scammer Mira Gromova

Mira Gromova

Female Scammer Mira Gromova

E-mail: gentlemira@rambler.ru
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First Name: Mira
Location [Address]: Russia, 410039, Saratov, Azina Cheboksary (Russia); Izhevsk
Age: 28
Birth Date:
Aliases: Iulia, Iuliia, Iuliya, Jule, J

Reports :

Thank you for another nice letter of you, my dear friend Richard and was nice to get picture of you and raspberries, this made my mood even better, after I see it, thank you. Maybe one day I be able to taste it in real, who knows. After reading it, I already may see and feel that you are very close to me by spirit, by interests, by thinking about this life and life goals. When I wrote you my first short letter, I didn't think that it may happen so fast and that I find such man in very distant country. I believe it is a really good sign and somewhere in the future, it may develop in more serious relations. But for now I don't want to hurry and build any illusions. Just hope you agree with me and you also want to continue develop our relations next. As usual was interesting to know you opinion on what I wrote in my previous letter and find out more new things about you. Yes, it make sense what you wrote and I understand that you took it absolute write when I shared with you about my ex-husband and how hard it was. Because for me it's always interesting and important to know what you think about my letters, what ideas come to your head after it. It's some kind of feedback and every time when I see your letter in my inbox I try to foresee what words, thought are there. You may not believe, but sometimes I really can do it (smile). I think this feeling is a mix of my woman intuition and some invisible connection that starts appear between you and me.


Anyway, all is fine here my mood either, there weather is good enough. As you know I like any kind of weather, I believe even in strong rain and wind you may find some beautiful… if you stay under the roof at this moment of course (smile). In this letter I would like to tell you about my work more. As you know I live in Muslim country and in post office where I work different people come. More usually woman and girls come. I think I already know most of them from our big village, or small city, I just don't know how to name it right (smile). And while they filling the documents or wait while I do something on computer I may speak to them. They may share with me some evens of their life or discuss TV news. I really like to speak with people, to learn something new. Especially I like when I can give them my opinion or just listen to them for they could feel better. In my country worker of post office sometimes know much more about person, than his neighbor (smile). But I never use this information or share it with somebody else. So now you know that I always can listen to you also or give you my advice if you need in it. By the way, how often do you have bad mood? Do you sometimes feel that you can't keep all your thoughts in your head and you need to share it with somebody very close, who may understand it? Can you say that you are lazy or try to spend active way of life?


I think my work helped me very much to cope and forget all what was with my ex-husband. After that I also started to think about some global questions, was trying to analyze it. I thought why some heavy things happen to people or why somebody feels unhappy of all his life and many different other questions. First of all I was trying to find the answers for my self. I understood that there are 2 types of people. First – those who act according their logic and previous life experience. Second – those, who acts according they desires, emotions, feelings. Maybe I'm not a typical woman, but I decided that it's much better to act according logic and common view on situation. Of cause, feelings are also very important and I look for it first of all! But if your partner will just say beautiful words about feelings and not do act, that prove it, then I believe it's better to stop at the beginning than lose a life time for such person. But if to tell you the truth, I don't how it will be after I fall in love again (smile). Maybe I again be a young naive girl who will believe in each word of my man and be ready to live by illusions. Just time will show it. But what can you say about yourself? Do you try to be logical first of all in your act or you may act as a deep romantic and for real love you may do absolute everything without thinking? So, I think on it I should finish my letter and give you some time to think about it and answer as usual. For today I'm free from my work and I should go home. I think to cook something nice. Some kind of fish maybe. Do you like seafood? My country located at the Caspian sea, so I can it seafood often. I believe it good and useful for health. Bye for now.



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