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Female Scammer marguerite dubois

marguerite dubois

Female Scammer marguerite dubois


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First Name: marguerite
Location [Address]: Marseille
Age: 36
Birth Date: 13/9/1983

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Spain, is arrested presuntemente by police Customs Burkina Faso, write me a cop course telling me that was my arrest girlfriend at customs by uun very rero matter, and said that if I paid a fine, Marguerite will start freedom, so I lost money from the trip but I refused to apgar his fine finally delcalabozo went selling their ticket to getting out sick it gets and tells me he has no money to pay for medicines, all still living in Africa a hotel, I presented a bill from a clinic supesta withthe cost of medicines the name of the clinic where there serve throughout Burkina Faso. it will pay 400 euros, now what is already cured have decided to try to meet me again here in Spain and has already asked me 500 euros for allegedly book your ticket to Spain, but I suspect it's going to have an accident, you will remain with the llegaemos money and not see us although I promised Tene
r reserved a room in a hotel when you arrive and I have warned you to be careful to see if something will happen, and we are not going to see, on the other hand, I send fake photos of a page of porn models, she I swear it's her but it is clear that it is not, I deidido not I'll pay for the trip because I hope another scam and will not come to Spain, to me that is calm in yourhome of <<< m says he traveled with a friend of hers to



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