Female Scammer Inna 


Female Scammer Inna 

E-mail: glamoshine@ukr.net
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First Name: Inna
Location [Address]: unknown Donetsk (Ukraine)
Age: 22
Birth Date:
Aliases: Ina, Inchik, Innchik, Innochka

Reports :

Hello dear!!!!
“I am glad to read your letter. Thank you for your words, I am very pleased to read a letter from you, I think that you are a good person and we think almost the same. Your letters always put a smile on my face.How are you in the morning? I usually wake up early to clean myself up. I also always do a little exercise.Do you do exercises in the morning? I think it's good for health. Today, I worked as usual. Although I shouldn't have, my friend asked me to replace today. Served one table. After that, they left me a tip and the man wanted to get to know me, he said that he liked me. Wanted to take my phone number, and offered to go to dinner with me. But I didn't give him my phone number and refused. Because I have you. And I am committed to my choice. And to communicate with someone secretly for me, this is a betrayal of myself! I hope I'm the only girl you hang out with. This is true? I have nothing to hide from you, and I hope you do too.Darling, during our communication I got to know you, you show me yourself and your inner world, I noticed that we have a lot in common. Now I understand that we met not by chance, it seems to me that this is fate, do you believe in fate I think that our communication will develop into something more. I begin to understand that I have feelings for you, maybe they are not so strong, but they are. I want to touch you and hug you, but I can't. And because of this, I'm upset that you're far away from me. I hope you have feelings for me too.I'm glad it's turning out this way. I want us to never have secrets and secrets from each other. In a relationship, hiding something from each other is not right. I'm right? It is important for me to know your opinion.I want to wish you a pleasant day and good mood. I hug Inna.”



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