Female Scammer Dana Elena Amaritei

Dana Elena Amaritei

Female Scammer Dana Elena Amaritei

E-mail: amariteidana@yahoo.com
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First Name: Dana Elena
Location [Address]: Aleea Giurgeni Nr 4, Bloc F13, Bucuresti (Romania)
Age: 26
Birth Date:
Aliases: Alenka, Danna, Eleena, Elen, E

Reports :

This is an obvious scam email this is why I'm reporting this to rip scam.com
"Hello! I came to your city, and it happened that I came alone, and I was very boring.
I want to have a good time. I will send you my photo. If you want to see a lot of intimate photos, go to my profile. I hope you look and we will meet and spend time with you."
"No requirement for a long period of time, merely for a great time.
it has been six months since I dated, I would love to find someone. I'm currently working, eager to meet one also. I haven't tried online dating though, a ton of success stories got my attention. I'm optimistic it will work fine for me. The guy should be tall, dark, and attractive, he should be also kind, full of life, and joy to stay with.



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