Female Scammer Portia Dompreh

Portia Dompreh

Female Scammer Portia Dompreh

E-mail: dompreh4portia@yahoo.com
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First Name: Portia
Location [Address]: unknown Accra (Ghana)
Age: 18
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I belive i am be con out of money by this young lady ** i met 1 time she has family in miching montana and ghana she talk to me on skype under the name Portia Dompreh she has be seen on lots of datesite under this email dompreh4portia@yahoo.com .com she use other people to pickup her money she make lots prmise she no where to be fide in united states government datebase under Portia Dompreh  but she is a united states citizens but has family in ghana i seen her lastnight on google hangout under this email dompreh4portia@yahoo.com .com she use same wording with all the men she talk to she said she has no video but i dont belive her because the photo she use on all this datesite i have all the people she use to pickup her money there in ghana she always said she innocent but she not because she is use men her photo is on google as Portia Dompreh



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