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Female Scammer Elena 


Female Scammer Elena 


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First Name: Elena
Location [Address]: Omsk
Age: 34
Birth Date: 5/3/1981


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Reports :

Letter 1Hello my xxxx I am glad to receive congratulations from you. I hope that in next B-day we shall celebrate mine together with you. I very much would like to create family and to be happy. I very much would like to meet once you and to arrive to you. You know at me today there is no sensation of pleasure... There is nobody beside. And from it to me it is very sad. I to spend this evening houses in an environment of my girlfriends. I shall think of you. The best your gift for me, it if you to help me to arrive to you!!! I anywhere was not abroad. If you have sent me of money for my trip to you, it would be the best gift in my life. I very much to want to visit your country. You will make this of half-arches for me? What you to answer? Forgive but here there was a problem with my E-Mail and I had much work. Don't worry if you see that i can't answer for a long time, i try to answer in the future every week I hope that you are well of health, and hope that you do not have problems in your work Yesterday I am gone to the swimming pool with a girlfriend after midday I have cleaning in my flat I am very happy to know you and believe me that i think about you during a days. And I with a big impatience i am waiting to meet you. My girlfriend asks me about you. I have told her that you very beautiful and fair the man. I also have told her that we soon shall meet. I hope that you do not object that I tell to my girlfriend about you. I shall have a vacation in the end of month. I could arrive in your country. If you want then I can go to travel agency tomorrow and find out better about a trip. Do you want that I went to travel agency tomorrow? I hope you like that I send you my pictures in each my letter. I does not promise itself to answer you quickly but I would try as soon as possible have your news and with new pictures which my give pleasure. I kiss you Elena.



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