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Personal Management Scams

Government authorities or consulate general of the USA will never ask for any personal or financial information from the citizens or other immigrants those who enter the country. But the scammers will pose themselves as government executives working in immigration or other departments and will extract vital information from the target group. These scammers will send either phishing mails or call the people directly and give maximum pressure to them. When the innocent public provides sensitive details like credit card numbers or other such financial details they will immediately play their negative roles. Hundreds of people have lost several dollars to these types of perpetrators.
Be alert  for an aggresive phone scams

Scams related to personnel management are doing its round and is becoming extremely popular. In these of scams the perpetrators will pose like US Personnel Management department and will send an official correspondence to the target group. The letter that is attached along with the mail will look like an official one and will also have logos and official signatures. The letter sent by these types of scammers will state "We have got important information that your sensitive details like SSN, credit card and other information has been stolen and we can assist you professionally only when you provide your personal information". These mails have links and when the target group clicks and enters the required details the scammers will immediately siphon off the money from the bank account. Federal commission always warns the people not to reply to these types of mails since it will be only from the scammers' world.
Scam targeting annuitants

Unemployed or underemployed group those who live in the country of the USA should show caution while opening their mails since scams related to jobs are in the raise. The phishing mails that are sent by the scammers will look like legitimate ones and the sentences will be free of grammatical errors. It will look as if it was sent by the executives working the US Personnel Management. Job hunters or unemployed youths should never reply to these types of mails since the scammers will try to hijack all the personal and financial information from the target group. Several instances of scamming activities that are related to journal and group have come to the notice of the cyber cell. Recently an interesting scam that is related to journal become so famous. The scam goes like this, "Based on an ad an unemployed person paid several dollars and ordered postal job information book and to his dismay he never received such informative book and this he found later that it was a clear case of scam.
Personal management scam

Personal management scam
Public should examine everything thoroughly and should check the authenticity and honesty of the mailer before replying to their mails. Following guidelines will be of immense help to the public:
  • Employees working in the department of US Government will never send any mails directly to the public and extract financial or personal information from the citizens.
  • If the commoners receive such mails they have to check for authenticity and should perform background check.
  • They should never reply to the scamming or phishing mails and should delete it from their computer permanently.
  • If they receive any phone calls from the scammers the public should jot down the caller ID and escalate the matter to cyber cell.
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