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PayPal Offer Scams

How scammers cheat the innocent account holders?

PayPal is a branded company that facilitates online money transactions. This award-winning company has more than 400 million active account holders. Registered members can send and receive money sitting from the comfort of their homes and manage their funds efficiently. PayPal users can also download the mobile app and send or receive money through it at any point in time. New members should link their credit and debit card details before transacting through the site.


PayPal sends OTP immediately after you download the app and complete the email verification process. It stops sending unnecessary messages or emails once you complete the basic registration formalities. The new members should register complaints and grievances with the PayPal complaint redressal team if they receive any communications or messages from unknown destinations requesting them to update their passwords. The scammers may send lengthy emails or text messages requesting PayPal users to share their passwords and credit card details. If the PayPal users accidentally share the passwords with scammers the cyber crooks will siphon off the money kept in the secured account and run away to unknown destinations.

A threat that has come as a big shock:-

PayPal users have lost thousands of dollars to cyber crooks in the recent past and registered a detailed complaint with the PayPal support team and cybersecurity forces. The latest addition in internet scams is PayPalOfferUp Scam. It is popularly called as PayPal System is Down Scam. You should exercise caution while using the OfferUp app. It is imperative to note that OfferUp is a legitimate application that has a huge customer base. Both sellers and buyers benefit to a great extent since it acts as a channel partner for both of them. But scammers who operate from the unknown destination create a fake ID in PayPal and try to extract money from OfferUp app users.

Scammers will start communicating with OfferUp app users who have PayPal accounts and indulge seriously in scamming activities. Anyone in the world can download the OfferUp app on their mobile device and create a free account instantly. It takes only a few minutes for you to create an account and post pictures of saleable products. The scammers act as if they are interested in buying used products sold by PayPal users and successfully convince them.


The innocent seller who is none other than a PayPal user will dispatch the product immediately to the scammer and wait for the payment. The scammer will stop communicating with the PayPal user and run away with the product without signs and signals. You should exercise caution while using OfferUp, Craiglist, and LetGo apps since the scammers target PayPal users and siphon off their money in no time.

How scammers cheat the PayPal users?

The scammers operating from the third world and developing countries use different methods and extract personal information from PayPal users. Listed below are some of the methods adopted by scammers.

  • Text emails and messages with links:
  • The scammers will create a professional mail and text and request you to click the link and share your PayPal password. If you accidentally open the link and share your PayPal password, the scammers operating from third-world countries will sign into your PayPal account and steal the money instantly.

    PayPal will not compensate if the account holders lose money to scammers. PayPal users should never share sensitive information like credit card numbers, CVV, PIN, PayPal password, and banking passwords to third parties.

  • Payments outside OfferUp and Craiglist app:
  • PayPal users who have an ordinary and premium account in OfferUp, CashApp, and Craiglist should always receive and make payments only through them and never choose to pay through other unregulated channels. The scammers will request the PayPal users to register in Money Transfer or other online payment gateways that is in no way related to OfferUp or Craiglist app. The cybercriminals will fool you in minutes and extract the password.

    They will even pay few dollars as a deposit amount, and once you send the used products, the scammers will cheat you and run away with your products without paying the balance amount that you agreed upon at the time of accepting the contract. You will have no other option but to report the complaint to PayPal and cybersecurity forces. Many incidences like the ones listed above have come to the notice of PayPal and governing bodies. PayPal users should never choose to pay or receive payments only through prominent apps like OfferUp and Craiglist.


  • Background verification checks:
  • PayPal users who transact through social networking, shopping, and banking apps should never part their passwords to strangers. The scammers may play various tricks and extract your sensitive information like passwords and credit card details. Complaints relating to background verification checks are mounting, and Free classified apps like OfferUp, and Craiglist is taking maximum efforts to improve the security measures. It never encourages the registered members to send or receive sensitive data like user id, PW, credit card number, and expiry dates.

    The scammers operating from various countries will make a phone call and disguise themselves as representatives from prominent classified websites like OfferUp. They will build a professional relationship with you and extract PayPal user id and password. If you accidentally part your password to the scammer and wait for further communication, he will cut the phone call and sign in to your PayPal account and withdraw the money immediately. You cannot take the issue with OfferUp when you realize the truth at a later stage. The PayPal users should take up the complaint with the cybersecurity force and authorities that deal with cybercrimes.

How to protect your data from scams?

The PayPal members should change their passwords at regular intervals and use strong passwords that contain alphabets, numeric and special characters. They should update the mobile security software and protect the data from cyber thefts.

Reputed online free classified companies frequently send alert emails cautioning the PayPal users to protect the data from cyber threats. You should take notice of such emails and messages and protect your passwords from security threats.


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