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Fish Butchering Scam

Underscoring the positive impact of Internet technology on contemporary society, we assert that it has illuminated a promising future for humanity. However, within this brightness, the shadow of Internet fraud looms. Dapeng Education is dedicated to equipping you with the tools to thwart online scams, particularly exposing the deceptive practices associated with the "fish killing plate" fraud and the insidious world of fish butchering scams.

Fish butchering scams

The term "killing fish dish" primarily encompasses schemes related to "credit card limit increase and loan fraud." Perpetrators disseminate misleading information online, promising to enhance credit card limits, compel Ant Borrowing account openings, and "cleanse" tainted accounts. These falsehoods entice victims, who are then directed to deceptive links, ultimately coercing them into making payments via platforms such as Huabei.

Currently, Dapeng Education, in collaboration with the Guangzhou Anti-Fraud Center, has launched an anti-fraud legal education course. This program, rooted in a thorough analysis of the psychological vulnerabilities leading to susceptibility to fraud, systematically imparts knowledge tailored to the audience's needs. It effectively enhances public awareness and equips individuals with the skills necessary to prevent falling victim to fraud, including fish butchering scams. Now, let Dapeng Education unravel the intricacies of the fish-killing scam and the nefarious world of fish butchering.

According to Dapeng Education, most scammers employ false advertisements on social gaming platforms, claiming the ability to elevate credit card limits and expedite online loans. This tactic targets individuals in urgent need of funds. Once the prospective victim is hooked, the perpetrator initiates a series of tests, mirroring the triggering process in addiction models. False advertising triggers those in need, luring them in and deceiving them.

Fish butchering scams

Upon taking the bait, victims are urged to provide information such as Alipay loan limits and balances. They are then coerced into completing transactions, purportedly due to a failed limit increase, and encouraged to link a financially empty bank card to Alipay. This not only generates a transaction record but also leaves an unpaid bill due to insufficient funds.

Dapeng Education cautions that this process aligns with the action sequence in addiction models. By executing simple operations, scammers dispel the concerns of the victim, gaining their initial trust.

Ultimately, the scammer finds a collaborator to create a customized payment link matching the amount on the victim's Huabei account. During the initial attempts, the scammer instructs the victim to use a bank card with no funds, leading to apparent payment failures, which lowers the victim's guard. On the third attempt, a link is sent, prompting the victim to use Huabei for payment. Without warning, the victim clicks to pay, and the money is used to purchase virtual goods.

However, the promised lucrative returns never materialize. Instead, the victims find themselves ensnared in a web of deception, having invested time, trust, and money into a scheme that ultimately proves fraudulent. The scam follows a manipulative pattern, preying on the vulnerabilities of individuals seeking additional income through online endeavors.

Fish butchering scams

The "fish killing plate" process mirrors the giving behavior in addiction models. Victims invest time and energy, experiencing no material losses until the final payment. It is only at this point that they realize they have been deceived, and the funds have already reached the scammer's pocket, leaving no room for remorse.

To delve deeper into fraud prevention, visit the Anti-Fraud Law Popularization Education Channel on Dapeng Education's official website. Explore the Anti-Fraud Law Popularization Education Course, which delves into the psychological foundations of anti-fraud, legal knowledge, and values cultivation, shedding light on the intricate world of fish butchering scams.




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