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Facebook is the most popular social network world wide. People use facebook on a daily basis to keep in touch with their family, friends and acquaintances. Facebook is rated to be the best social media platform where one can share pictures, videos and lot of other interactive stuffs. These days you will see that facebook is used as a medium to promote business and services too. People create facebook accounts as well as facebook pages in order to enhance their presence digitally. Facebook has become a medium for social media optimization, social media marketing and digital marketing. Hence facebook is something huge where you will find a huge group of people to be associated with. With a huge group of people are connected via a network, it has also become the most prospective handle for scammers to look for their victims. It becomes really easily for these fraudsters to find links and connections from the social media handle.

Facebook, the globally renowned social network, has revolutionized the way people connect and share information online. Founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, it quickly gained immense popularity and has since become one of the most visited websites in the world. Facebook allows users to create personal profiles, connect with friends, family, and acquaintances, and share various forms of content, including text posts, photos, and videos. Its user-friendly interface and extensive features have made it a versatile platform for personal communication, professional networking, and even business marketing. Facebook's introduction of features like the News Feed, Groups, and Pages has further enriched user experience. However, the platform has also faced scrutiny over privacy concerns and issues related to misinformation. Despite this, Facebook remains an influential force in the realm of social media, with billions of active users worldwide, making it a cornerstone of online social interaction in the 21st century.



Facebook hacking scams, facebook fake profile scams and other ways of cheating via facebook are not new in the scammers industry. What is new and popular in the list of facebook scams is the facebook impersonation scams. In the facebook impersonation scam, the scammers literally hijack the victims profile at first and then try different ways to make money by approaching different people for different reasons. The receiver victim is in most cases unaware that the profile might be hijacked, unless and until the owner of the profile realizes the same and communicates the news to all via some source. Hence people believe that the request is from their friend himself/herself of the facebook account and easily agree to whatever the scammer has asked for. It is only later that they realize that this was a case of facebook impersonation scam.

In a Facebook impersonation scam, a fraudster creates a fake profile, often using the name and images of a real person, to deceive others. The scammer then typically sends friend requests or messages to the victim's contacts, pretending to be the genuine account holder. Once accepted, they may engage in various deceptive activities. This can include soliciting money or personal information under false pretenses, spreading misinformation, or even impersonating the victim to tarnish their reputation. In some cases, these scams aim to exploit personal relationships, leading to emotional manipulation or financial loss. It's important to be vigilant and verify the authenticity of friend requests or messages, especially if they seem out of character. Reporting impersonation scams to Facebook and educating others about such tactics is crucial in preventing further victimization. Staying cautious and skeptical of unfamiliar online interactions can help protect against falling prey to these deceptive schemes.

Facebook Scam


Cyber criminals hack the victim's facebook account and gains access to all the personal details of the victim. In the facebook impersonation scam, the scammer targets and hacks the victim's facebook account. Once the account is hacked, the scammer then tries to contact the near and dear ones of the account holder from the facebook friends list. The scammer usually tries to ask for money, transfer money to the mentioned account or asks for access details that will help the scammers earn some money. The facebook impersonation scam is basically a hijack of the facebook account of a user. Once the scammer hacks the account of a facebook user, he is sure to get out money from either of the contacts in the friends list. There have been many cases that have been reported by the friends of the facebook profile owner to have been approached by a scammer for transfer of funds, access code, personal mobile numbers and other such details. These friends lately realize what the actual picture is all about. Below are some of the examples of facebook impersonation scam, where the scammer hacks the profile of a victim and cheats the contacts in the name of the profile owner.

Fake Facebook Profile Example


It is highly important to practice caution and adhere to certain rules of thumb to avoid facebook impersonation scams. Below are some basic security tips that will help you to stay away from facebook scams:

? Do not keep simple passwords. Scammers have huge masterminds that will easily crack your password and hijack your facebook account.
? Do not keep same passwords for all accounts. Many users have the habit of having same passwords for everything. So if the scammer is able to get access of your facebook password, then you are at the risk of losing all other accounts and the associated valuables with them.
? Never ever accept friend requests from completely unknown accounts. It might be a scammer's tactic to find scan and screen your profile and then play the hijack game on you.
? Facebook has incorporated many security measures for its valuable users. Security steps like the two factor authentication should be enabled and used, which will keep our account secure.
? Do not get carried away by free Wi-Fi networks and other public networks that offer data. Scammers can get access to your credentials via this source as well.
? You can go through the facebook security features in order to fully secure your facebook account.

To steer clear of Facebook impersonation scams, it's essential to be vigilant and employ precautionary measures. Firstly, regularly review your friend requests and only accept requests from individuals you know personally. Scrutinize profiles for suspicious signs, such as limited activity or scant personal information. Secondly, enable privacy settings that restrict who can send you friend requests and messages. This adds an extra layer of protection against potential scammers. Thirdly, if you receive a friend request from someone you're already connected with, double-check with the actual person through a trusted communication channel before accepting. Be cautious of unsolicited messages asking for personal information or financial assistance. Report any suspicious accounts to Facebook promptly. Lastly, educate yourself and others about the tactics used in impersonation scams to increase awareness and prevention. By implementing these tactics and staying vigilant, you can significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to Facebook impersonation scams.

Fake Facebook Profile Example-2


Example 1 :-

Facebook Impersonation Example-1

In the above example, the victim has reported of the facebook account being hacked. The scammer easily tried to identify the parents contact from the friends list of the victim and asked for transfer of funds. The parents and relatives not knowing whether the funds are requested by the family member or not, easily agree to transfer the same to the mentioned account. In many cases if they get to know that the facebook profile is been hacked, the scammers black mail the victim of all the data, pictures and other information that is available in the facebook account.

Example 2 :-

Facebook Impersonation Example-2

Above mentioned is another example of facebook impersonation scam. Here one of the victim's friend is targeted for the mobile number, the access codes via the sent mobile number and the phone bill that was charged to that mobile number. Here the hacked profile's friend lost money to the impersonation scammer.

Example 3 :-

Facebook Impersonation Example-3

The above mentioned is another example of facebook impersonation scam, where the victims friends loses money to the scammer.

In the facebook impersonation scam, there are many victims that fall prey to scams. It is not only the profile owner, whose profile gets hacked, but all the friends listed in the facebook profile of the hacked account are at an equal risk of being scammed.

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